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Our original locs

BOHO GODDESS LOCS® have unique twist-and-curl patterns for the ultimate natural look. So natural, everybody will think these locs are your own!

Boho Goddess Locs in Midnight 22"®


Boho Goddess Locs in Midnight 22"® - Single Pack


Boho Goddess Locs in Midnight 26"®


Boho Goddess Locs in Naturel 22"®


Distressed Goddess Kit in Naturel 22"®


About the collection

Our BOHO GODDESS LOCS® are lightweight crochet faux locs made of the highest quality synthetic hair around 1cm thick. These locs have a non uniform curl pattern consisting of unique kinks and curls.

No two locs have the same curl pattern and form long layers for a natural-looking, feminine and sexy result. Our Goddess range comes in 14 colours and in three lengths, xtra 26”, long 22” and bob 14”. With many Goddess styles, you can add layers to frame your face. If you want an extra full look, you can add volume packs, although one pack is enough for a full head install.


Yes, the Goddess Locs are pre-looped for a quick crochet installation!
Bob Boho Goddess Locs are 14” Long Boho Goddess are around 22” Boho Xtra Locs are around 26” Please note: some of the locs in the images have been stretched using the Boho Stretch method which makes them look less wavy and slightly longer.
Yes, it’s totally fine to wash your Goddess Locs crochet hair! You can do this in the shower under cool water. We recommend the following when washing your locs: 1 – Detangle the locs with your fingers before getting them wet. 2 – Wet the hair standing up in the shower. You can then go ahead and apply shampoo to the roots. 3 – Make sure to rinse out the shampoo and follow up with conditioner if you wish 4 – Rinse the locs thoroughly and let them air dry. Voila! You can also swim in our Boho Goddess Locs. However after swimming we recommend rinsing out the pool or sea water from the locs, and letting them air dry thoroughly.
Faux locs hairstyles have sealed ends, meaning the ends are burned or heated to seal. Goddess Locs usually have open and wavy ends.
No. Goddess Locs are one of many protective hairstyles. They’re designed to shield black women’s natural hair types from anything that may damage your hair including heat, excess styling and color. This is especially useful for those with curly hair. You still get to try different braiding styles and crochet styles without causing any damage.
Once you order any of our locs, you’ll be sent a full after-care guide to your inbox with the lowdown on installation, maintenance, styling Goddess Locs and removal. These are in a series of video tutorials making it easy to follow along. If you want to see how easy it is to install your Goddess Locs, you can see how it’s done here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KYq9nifljY
While it is possible to do, we don’t advise doing all individuals for your Boho Locs install because of the handmade nature of the locs. We recommend a crochet hair install on a cornrow base, using either the pull through method, or double wrapping individuals at the front hairline. Watch our easy to follow tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6nujadKX1tUVEEXoYvM19BMHaBkCiqb-
One pack is all you need for a full-head install! You get: Long Boho Goddess Locs - 120 locs (6 bundles) in 22” Bob Boho Goddess Locs - 40 locs in 12” and 60 locs in 14” (6 bundles in total) We make our packs with a finished look in mind, and include enough for touch-ups and replacements. Your pack will also come with a free Boho Locs accessory kit containing over 30 hair jewels and ties. (Crochet tool not included.)
Goddess Locs can last up to three months with proper maintenance.
Boho Goddess Locs® are locs only, Mermaid Locs® are locs and wavy crochet hair combined.
Not at all. Our Goddess Locs are lightweight and natural looking.
Our Goddess Locs are pre-looped synthetic crochet braids with a quick and easy crochet installation. A typical install will take on average 2 hours - around the time it takes to watch a movie.

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