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You only need ONE KIT for a full, voluminous head of locs!

  • Warehouses in the USA - Worldwide Shipping.
  • All Natural. Handmade Locs, Extremely Lightweight and With a Natural Look, Feel and Texture.
  • Do it Yourself. Easy to install YOURSELF in under 2 hours (tutorial videos provided)
  • SLAY as You Protect Your Natural Hair While it Grows Healthy, Thick and Strong.
  • Built to Last. Our Locs are Made With the Highest Quality Japanese Synthetic Hair Available.

Our Original BOHO LOCS® started it all, now meet our Original BOHO LOCS in BOB!

Our Original BOHO LOCS® is not only a quick and easy-to-apply protective style, but they’re also a great way to bask in your uniqueness and look bangin’, cool, and sexy!

The locs are super easy to apply and the texture is very natural, with low sheen and the exact type of luster that makes them look like real locs.

But don’t let the natural look fool you, these locs were specially designed to be extremely lightweight.

BOHO LOCS® locs have unique waves and twists throughout the hair that results in a sexy, feminine soft finish. These extensions are bouncy with lots of movement and a natural texture.

The soft, unique waves and curls throughout the hair result in a sexy, feminine, and soft finish that’s sure to turn heads, even as it offers your natural hair the protection it deserves.

Check out the video to see for yourself!


> Beginner friendly. Our locs are easy to apply yourself in less time it takes to watch a movie. Forget spending HOURS getting your faux locs done, Boho Locs® gives you beauty, fast.

> Easy to apply!  Full tutorial videos given. No guesswork, let me personally walk you through the application process step-by-step. This makes installation even easier!

> Lightweight. Because who wants to weigh down their edges with heavy locs? Boho Locs® are a great protective style, so you can slay while your hair grows thick and lovely.

> Boho Locs are reusable. Most of our clients will reuse the vast majority of their locs! > Want volume? We got you. Each pack of these beautiful locs are extra full with 120 strands of locs which is more than you need! You WILL have locs left over for touch-ups, not to worry – even if you love big, voluminous, hair.

Each kit Contains

- 120 Kanakelon Hand Customised BOHO LOCS® Boho Goddess Crochet Locs 10"- 12" inches in Dark Brown. It’s the exact same color as in the video.

- 5 blue strands and 5 green strands. 120 locs in TOTAL

- A FREE BOHO LOCS accessory kit containing over 25 hair jewels and ties.


*Please note that due to the demand for this product it sells out fast - although we are getting more stock we can’t seem to get it in fast enough! So buy now to avoid disappointment. Seriously. 

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