5 Boho Loc Office Approved Styles

5 Boho Loc Office Approved Styles

5 Boho Loc Office Approved Styles

To be honest, we have heard this strange idea that locs aren't a professional style, and not appropriate for work.
We don't know who started that rumor but girl, that's simply not true! Like all hairstyles, creating cute, professional looks with locs is all about how you style them.
And lucky for you, Boho Locs has a variety of options to keep you looking classy and workplace-friendly no matter your profession.
Get into these 5 Boho Locs styles that you'd absolutely slay on any work day. 
1. Top Knot 
Source: Adanna Madueke YouTube
Sometimes we have a hard time finding styles for short faux locs that aren't too basic, but a super cute top knot is both simple and stylish enough to do the trick. You could even leave out two face-framing locs to take the look from sweet to sassy in just seconds. 
Our Bob Midnight Boho Butterfly Locs are perfect to pull this off because they're not only the appropriate length for work, they're also great for a chic, casual look when the weekend comes and it's time to unwind.
2. Jumbo High Bun 
Source: Slim Reshae YouTube
Heavy, thick locs aren't always workplace-friendly because they kinda sorta get in the way. But if we're being real, that's really only a problem when you don't know how to style them yet.
Still figuring it out? This jumbo high bun should be the first thing you learn how to do! 
Grab our natural brown-hued Choc/Bronde XTRA Boho Goddess Locs and get started.
All you have to do is put the locs into a high ponytail, wrap them counterclockwise into a bun, and then secure it with an elastic band. Easy enough, right?
3. The Tie Back 

Source: TheLollyG YouTube

Long, soft locs are gorgeous for any occasion and are actually one of the easiest styles to pull off in a professional setting.
If you're someone who doesn't like to do too much to their hair for work, then this simple style will be your best friend.
Just grab two locs—one from each side—and loosely secure them behind your head, and you're done. 
Our Long Boho Queen Locs In Naturel look especially delicate and ethereal in this style; Pair with a simple and clean makeup look, and you're good to go for the day.
4. Low Ponytail/Bun
Source: Samil Julissa YouTube
When it comes to styling locs for work, versatility is the name of the game, and this classy wrap ponytail that can easily be secured into a bun is giving what it's supposed to give.
It's a cute upgrade to two timeless, go-to styles that'll definitely keep your look work-friendly. 
If you want to spice up an otherwise plain look without going too overboard for the setting, try wearing the Brauburn Mix Goddess Boho Locs.
It'll give you a warm, earthy spin on a fun red color—toning it down to something subtle and classy.
5. The Draped Ponytail

Source: Kie RaShon YouTube


We understand that ponytails are the go-to, and that they can be a little, well—boring. So instead of sticking to the usual, try replicating this gorgeous drape effect by tying your locs into loose, fishtail-like knots.
It seems complicated, but you truly only need a little twist and twine to get the same look. 
Any of our locs would fit this intricate semi-updo, but don't you agree that the Boho Distressed Goddess Locs In Naturel 22" would be absolutely stunning in this style?
The realistic texture and shade alone gives you a swoon-worthy natural look perfect for work.
What's your favorite go to style for your locs while at work?
Drop a comment and let us know.
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