Our motto at BOHO LOCS ® is "THIS SH*T IS FOR US"

Because our locs are handmade from us to you.

We believe that building black businesses is important.

We believe that building black FEMALE owned businesses is important.

We believe that more international hair brands that sell to black women need to be owned by black women. (Yes I said it.)

Hey, lovelies! I’m Lulu Pierre and I am the designer and CEO of BOHO LOCS®.

I didn’t actually create this company because I wanted to create a company. I, just like you, kept running into dilemmas that left me no choice but to create BOHO LOCS® in order to solve.



So I went natural a few years back, and rocked my hair mainly in twistouts. While they took a TON of time to do, they looked great (on those occasions I could manage to get them to come out right)!

Then I heard of a new Brazilian Blowout treatment that promised to make managing and styling my hair easier and less time consuming. So I took the plunge and got it done.The result was great. My hair was more manageable and my curls seemed to pop just a little more. I loved it.

But then it came time for blowout number 2.

And this is where things went left.


The second time I did the treatment it took most of the volume, texture, and curl pattern from my hair in no time flat, like a thief in the night.

What I was left with was a limp, lifeless afro that even the best twistout game in the world could NOT salvage.

My hair had died in protest.

(Yeah, okay, technically hair by its very nature is already dead. Just stay with me, here).

I was completely heartbroken. I knew that I couldn’t wear it out anymore, and I knew that I would have to turn to a protective style of some sort while I grew out the damage.

This is how I got to:



After the Brazilian Blowout disaster, I surveyed my options for protective styles.

I didn’t want a sew-in, I didn’t want clip-ins, I didn’t want braids. I looked around and it seemed that I just didn’t like any of the protective styles available. Except for faux locs.

See, faux locs caught my eye because when done right, they looked very natural and were in keeping with the natural aesthetic that I identified with. The philosophy that was a part of who I really was.

As a former salon owner I feel very confident styling my own hair, so I didn’t waste any time and got straight to doing my individual faux locs. It took me 3 days.

3 whole days.I was humbled. To say the least.

And although the results looked fantastic, the time it took to make it happen completely put me off doing it consistently and making this style my go-to look for the long-term.

So I decided to look for faster alternatives. That’s when crochet locs came to my attention.

So I was one step closer to the perfect solution. There was just one problem…

(Yeah, okay, technically hair by its very nature is already dead. Just stay with me, here).



Seriously. I couldn’t find a single brand or type that gave me everything I was looking for.

They were too shiny, they were too heavy, they were too springy, they were too straight, they were to uniformed.

In a nutshell they didn’t look natural. Not even close.

And coming from a family where my mum and sisters all have locs of some sort I knew I would have to come correct, or not come at all.

So after an exhaustive search of the locs available, rather than giving up and grabbing packs of wack crochet locs so I could look whack like everyone else.

I decided to roll up my sleeves create something that actually worked. I found a base loc that I liked and I then hand customized them to innovate something unique and beautiful.


Initially I just made the locs for myself. But they looked so fly that I just HAD to post pictures of the locs on my personal Instagram account. That’s when things started taking off, very quickly.

I got so much demand for locs that looked like mine that I decided to hold my first sale, shaping each loc by hand so that no two orders were exactly the same, but that each order held authentic, natural-looking, gorgeous sets of locs that clients would love just as much as I loved mine!

If you’re curious, check out the process here:

Since I was customising the locs myself (with the help of my mom!) there was only a set amount I could sell, and to my surprise after I opened the cart, I sold out in 3 DAYS FLAT, girl.

I then starting holding sales regularly and just about every single time the locs would SELL OUT in a few days. Insane, right?

Our Instagram account started to blow up, and with that momentum I decided that I would open up the cart and make the locs available for sale every single month. We still sold out in just a few days.

My video content went on to be republished on a few blogs, and on the blog Emily Cotton Top one of my videos went on to get over 2 million views!!!

But the most amazing thing was when my customers, in love with their locs began to send me selfies of them slaying the locs. I was BLOWN AWAY.

I knew I loved the locs.... But I was even more blessed to know that customers ALL OVER THE WORLD loved the locs as well

Not only did they show the love through selfies but they also showed it through the messages I received....


So with all the love I received from my customers all around the world I was able to pour all that love into developing the products even further to make them even more fabulous and versatile.

We went from one style just one year ago, to twelve styles and counting.

We updated our packaging, updated our products and updated our distribution so that we now offer the item in stock with local dispatch in the USA and UK.

I've got so many ideas for new and wonderful products... my mind NEVER stops.

But my focus at Boho Locs will always remain on the QUALITY of the locs we provide.


We don’t play when it comes to quality.

Listen, I wear my products every day, I’m a customer and CEO and I understand that the look, touch and feel of the hair has to be natural for us. It has to be the best quality available. It has to let our own hair breathe and protect our natural tresses. It has to make heads turn. I got you.

Our locs are handmade to my custom design, in my custom colour blends and with my custom jewel kit.

And we have many more ideas for styles and combinations in the works.....watch this space!! It's all love.

- XOXO, Lulu -