What's good, beautiful souls! I'm Lulu Pierre, the creative force and CEO behind BOHO LOCS®.

BOHO LOCS® wasn't born from a desire to start just another company; no, it sprang to life because, like many of you, I found myself facing hair frustration and dilemmas that demanded a solution.


The Brazilian Blowout Debacle.

So I went natural a few years back and rocked my hair mainly in twist-outs. While they took a TON of time to do, they looked great (on those occasions I could manage to get them to come out right)! 

Then came the siren call of a Brazilian Blowout treatment, promising to simplify hair care. I caved in and got it done. At first, it was everything I hoped for – manageable hair and bouncy curls. But then it came time for Brazilian Blowout number 2. And this is where things went left. Like, WAY LEFT. Oh, it stole the life, volume, and texture from my hair, like a stealthy thief in the night.

My glorious afro had flatlined, and twist-outs couldn't rescue it. I was heartbroken. My hair had staged a protest (technically, hair's already lifeless, but you get me).


Protective Styles That Didn't Please.

After the Brazilian Blowout fiasco, I scoured the market for protective styles. Sew-ins, clip-ins, braids – none of them spoke to me. Well, except for faux locs. They intrigued me because, when executed flawlessly, they exuded a natural vibe that resonated with my true self.

With my background as a salon owner, I tackled the task of creating individual faux locs. It took me three whole days. I was humbled, to say the least. While the results were astounding, the time commitment deterred me from making it my everyday look.

My quest for faster alternatives led me to crochet locs, but there was a snag:


Crochet Locs That Didn't Cut It.

I couldn't find a single brand or style that ticked all the boxes. Too shiny, too heavy, too springy, too straight – none felt natural. And coming from a family where my mum and sisters all have locs, I knew I would have to come correct, or not come at all. 

Rather than resigning myself to wack crochet locs, I decided to roll up my sleeves and create something that actually worked. I started with a base loc I liked and meticulously customized each one, innovating a unique and beautiful creation.

And thus, BOHO LOCS® was born.

Initially, it was just for me, but then I threw those bad boys up on Instagram, and that's when things got real quick, real fast.

I made a move and decided to drop my first-ever sale. I handcrafted each loc by hand, making sure no two orders were exactly the same, but that each order had authentic, natural-looking, gorgeous sets of locs that clients would be feelin' just as much as I was!

If you wanna see how it all goes down, peep the process right here: BOHO LOCS® | Our Journey: Making Boho Locs

Since I crafted the locs myself, with a little help from my mom, there was a limited supply, and to my amazement, I sold out in 3 DAYS FLAT, girl. I continued holding sales, and each time, the locs flew off the shelves within days.

Our Instagram presence skyrocketed, and I made the locs available for sale every month. The videos I shared gained widespread attention, with one video reaching over 2 million views on Emily Cotton Top's blog!

Yet, the most incredible part was receiving selfies from customers WORLDWIDE, flaunting their flawless locs. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

With all this love pouring in, I poured it right back into improving our products. We've expanded from one style a year ago to a dozen and counting. We've upgraded our packaging, enhanced our products, and streamlined distribution for quick delivery in the USA and UK.

The creative juices are flowing, and I always have ideas for fresh and fabulous styles. But one thing will NEVER change: our unwavering commitment to QUALITY.


We Don’t Play When It Comes To Quality.

I'm not just the CEO; I'm a customer too. I wear these styles every day, and I understand that they must look, feel, and move like natural hair. They must be the finest quality available, letting our own hair breathe and protecting our natural tresses while turning heads.

Our locs, braids and twists are handcrafted to my custom design, custom color blends, and custom jewel kits. And rest assured, we're continually cooking up even more styles and combinations – stay tuned and watch this space!

With boundless love and gratitude,

XOXO, Lulu