Queen Locs

By Boho Locs

Bespoke locs with loose wavy ends

Boho Queen Locs are hair designed for us, by us.
A bespoke premium style to champion our natural hair texture
designed to look and feel authentic

About the collection

Boho Queen Locs is a thicker texture style with wavy comb-through ends that are silky to touch, and lightweight to wear.

Boho Queen Locs are hand-crafted for a beautiful look that is effortlessly graceful, yet stand-out. 

Available in 24” and 16” in colors Naturel and brand new Hot Bronde with natural dark roots


Yes, our Queen Locs are pre-looped for a quick crochet installation!
While it is possible to do, we don’t advise doing all individuals for your Boho Locs install due to the handmade nature of our locs and each loc being unique in it’s wave and curl pattern. We recommend installing traditional crochet in the back, and individual crochet in the front with double wrapping to keep it secure.
Long Boho Queen Locs are around 24” Bob Boho Queen Locs are around 16”
One pack is all you need for a full-head install! You get: Long Boho Queen Locs - 72 Boho Queen Locs (60 locs in 24” and 12 in 16” to add layers) Bob Boho Queen Locs - 72 16" Boho Queen Locs We make our packs with a finished look in mind, and include enough for touch-ups and replacements. Your pack will also come with a free Boho Locs accessory kit containing over 30 hair jewels and ties. (Crochet tool not included.)
We highly recommend washing our Boho Queen Locs in the first week after install and then weekly thereafter. See our Queen wash day tutorial here https://boholocs.com/blogs/blog/introducing-our-new-improved-queen-locs It’s also totally fine to swim in your Boho Queen Locs! After swimming, we would recommend rinsing out the pool or sea water from the locs, and washing with a silicon based conditioner. Ensure you air dry thoroughly before sleeping.
We create our Queen Locs with longevity at the front of our minds. You can wear your locs for up to 12 weeks at a time!
No. Queen Locs are one of many protective hairstyles. They’re light weight and designed to shield black hair from anything that may damage your hair including heat, excess styling and color. This is especially useful for those with curly hair. With faux locs crochet hair, you still get to try different braiding styles and crochet styles without causing any damage.
Our Queen Locs are pre-looped synthetic crochet braids with a quick and easy crochet installation. A typical install will take on average 2 hours - around the time it takes to watch a movie.
Boho Queen Locs are a bespoke design that require more maintenance than our original locs, therefore they are less likely to be re-usable. To increase the longevity of the style please follow our Boho Queen Locs care-guide here. https://boholocs.com/blogs/blog/boho-queen-locs-how-to-install-wash-and-maintain

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