BOHO LOCS® is the crochet loc brand everyone is talking about! Our reputation is built on both the quality of our hair and excellent customer service.

BOHO LOCS® are handmade crochet faux locs, with each loc having its own unique waves, twists and curls. Our locs are natural looking with a low sheen and luster for a beautiful and believable result! 

We use the highest quality Japanese synthetic Kanekelon hair to make our locs.

At Boho Locs, we have every woman covered! With styles ranging from 12” to 30” and innovative color combinations , we guarantee that we have something for everyone. Our locs are suitable for cornrow and individual crochet install and are lightweight, keeping your tresses tension-free. 

Goddess Locs - Our classic locs with a curl, best for beginners and those after a low-maintenance look

Mermaid Locs - a perfect blend of our goddess locs with loose wavy hair, perfect for those looking for a tousled look

Queen Locs - our bespoke best-selling style, creates a timeless, effortless and chic look

Supreme Locs - straight locs, done the Boho way, these locs scream sophistication and sass. 

Majesty Twists - pre-looped and pre-twisted passion twists, done the Boho way, available in 18” and 30”

Beach Locs - our ombré locs are highly-textured for a beachy, bohemian vibe

Firstly, welcome. Secondly we would recommend our Goddess Locs for first time customers!

Our Goddess collection is best for those that live an active lifestyle. We’d recommend any 12” or 22” set of Goddess Locs, to keep you looking hot without the hassle.

Our locs are suitable for all hair lengths. As long as your hair is long enough to cornrow, then Boho Locs will work for you!

Our locs are suitable for all hair lengths. However if your hair is longer than the style that you’ve purchased i.e 12”  locs and your hair is 18” then we would advise a classic cornrow install instead of individual install as your hair will be longer than the loc.

Yes, all of our locs can be installed individually except for our Majesty Twists and Boho Goddess Braids. Please note that mermaid hair cannot be installed individually.

At Boho Locs, 1 pack is enough for a full install!

Yes, we offer volume packs in: 

Goddess Locs:
Chocolate 22”
Bey-Blonde 22”
Bronde 22”
Lit 22”
Lit 14”
Bey-Blonde/Bronde 14”
Bronde 14”
Midnight 14”
Bey-Blonde 14”

Beach Locs:
Hot Fudge 14”
Hot Fudge 22”
Hot Bronde 14”
Hot Bronde 22”

Yes, we offer layers on our 22” and 26” Goddess locs. In our 26” locs packs, the layers come included. 

Layers for 22” styles need to  be purchased separately. These are available in Bronde, Bey-Blonde, Chocolate, Midnight, Bey-Blonde/Bronde and Lit.

Yesss, they do! Boho Locs are suitable for all hair types. From 1a to 4c, as long as your hair can be cornrowed you’ll be able to install our beautiful crochet locs.

If you have thin edges, you can definitely wear Boho Locs. Our locs are light as a feather and do not cause any tension. Please ensure that if you opt for a cornrow base, that your braids are secure, not tight in order to avoid pulling on your edges.

We don’t offer the option to customize the locs at this time.

No! Our locs are extremely light weight and tension-free. Each loc weighs no more than a grain of rice.

Yes!  We have Goddess loc highlights available in 14” and 22” . These come in three colors:

Blonde - a mix of blonde tones (20 locs in total)

Fun - add some color to your look with purple, blue, green and turquoise highlights (20 locs in total)

Warm - a blend of red tones (20 locs in total)

Yes! We’d recommend our Goddess locs for all your vacation looks as these are suitable for swimming and intense activity. 

We do not recommend dying the locs as they are made from synthetic hair.

12/14” - these locs will fall at shoulder length

22” - these locs fall mid-back length

26” -  these locs fall lower-back length

30” - these locs fall just past bum length

We accept: