A New Way To Grey introducing Salt and Pepper Goddess Locs

A New Way To Grey introducing Salt and Pepper Goddess Locs

A New Way To Grey introducing Salt and Pepper Goddess Locs

Let's talk about Salt and Pepper, and no, we're not talking about the legendary rap group. Where are my 80's kids at?

Okay, let's get on with it, shall we?

We are happy to announce that we are launching a brand-new grey color called SALT and PEPPER!

This grey has been highly requested. Many customers asked us to make a grey that was more natural looking, and so after a year of trial and error, we are happy to announce Salt and Pepper. You may already be familiar with our Storm shade.

The main difference between the two is that Salt and Pepper is a more natural color than Storm. It's also lighter in color (less black tones than Storm) with more silver tones and a more uniform color.


We have them in Boho Goddess in the Bob and Long lengths. The Bob is 12" and 14," and the Regular Long length is 22."

You receive enough locs for a complete install, so don't worry. There are 120 locs in a pack. Each loc is pre-looped for a straightforward installation that takes less than two hours. The locs are produced with high-end Kanekalon synthetic hair that is incredibly soft, stylish, lightweight and comes in enough per pack for styling, movement, and texture.

 We should talk about why you should try this hue now that we've introduced you to our new grey.

Grey hair has changed from being something we all tried to hide to becoming a significant hair color trend. Salt and Pepper hair color is one of the top styles for 2022. We like to think of it as more than just a trend. Countless women are showing off their grey tresses across social media and embracing their natural grey hair.

Women are also dyeing their naturally colored hair grey in order to mimic the cool, feminine look of naturally greying women. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kelis, Nicole Richie, and Rihanna all made fashion statements by switching to grey.

It is an elegant, timeless and alluring blend of black, silver, and grey hair – the color takes on various shades that vary from person to person. That's one reason grey is such a great color: its uniqueness.


We made and perfected our Salt and Pepper shade to cater to the lighter side of grey, so you can match up your grey to these locs. You can try the salt-and-pepper look on yourself even if you don't have grey hair but still love the style and enjoy experimenting with different hair colors.

Grey is an excellent color for all skin tones. So many of our favorite celebrities and influencers rock their natural grey hair. Whether they're gone grey naturally or have dyed locs, they have proven how incredible grey looks on us melanated ladies.

Known for her signature locs, singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman is pictured here enjoying her grey hair. The grey complements her deep brown skin tone so well.


Blogger Tennille Murphy @thetennillelife_ positively glows in her grey hair color. The curls, the skin, it's all on point, and we love all of her hair's salt and pepper tones.


Dj, Podcaster, and Jane of All Trades, Ty Alexander @tyalexander, make grey hair look so fun. We can't get enough of the looks she serves with her signature silver hair.


Grey hair makes a statement, and you're bound to grab people's attention in these locs. We're all about making a bold statement at Boho Locs; what better way than trying grey? If you have never thought about it, now is the time. We now have a grey for you, Storm or Salt and Pepper. Don't be timid to take chances with your hair color.

We should tell you that this color won't be around for long. It's bound to sell out. We only have LIMITED QUANTITIES available!

We're also offering you 10% off the new collection for this weekend ONLY to celebrate the launch. 

SET YOUR ALARM for the drop! 8am EST Friday 30th Sept - you will be able to shop them here - https://boholocs.com/collections/new-in

 We can't wait to see Salt & Pepper styled and worn by you.

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