Top Tips To Care For Your Hair During Quarantine

Top Tips To Care For Your Hair During Quarantine

Top Tips To Care For Your Hair During Quarantine


With quarantine not looking to end anytime soon, we think it's the perfect time to reconnect with our hair. Life as we once knew meant that finding the time to give our hair some needed TLC was quite low on our long to-do list because a girl (was) booked and busy. But since, we've been forced to slow down and in bleak times we should find a positive in the abundance of time we've been temporarily given.
We're using our time wisely, by taking the opportunity to re-connect and nurture our natural hair that is quite frankly happy for the attention. So here are a few tips and things to do that not only your hair will thank you for, but your sanity too.

Find out what makes your hair thrive 

Remember those serums, conditioners, and whatever else you bought on your last shopping trip, now is the time to put them to the test.
It can be hard figuring out what products actually work when you're busy, but keeping a log and tracking the real progress of your hair will likely be a lot easier now. So do a lil research and come up with a plan of action, and finally discover what your hair really likes and bin the ones it doesn't.

Fall back in love with your scalp

Sis, we know how easy it is when you're loc'd or braided to neglect that scalp, but now we have no excuses to not oil and hydrate. They say it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, so start today whether morning or evening to lightly spritz your scalp with water and/or your fave moisturizer cocktail, we suggest aloe vera and water. Once the quarantine is over, it'll be so ingrained into your routine that you're unlikely to revert back to old ways. Watch what we recommend for daily loc maintenance:  

Trim those dead ends

Been putting off that trim? Don't do for much longer, because those ends are seriously stunting your growth. This may be a little tricky for some now that our favorite salons are closed, but we know many of our Boho Tribe are skilled stylists and probably have a way with the scissors, or is locked up with a mom, sister, room-mate, or bae who has experience with cutting black hair, if this is you, we say go for it.

There's the actual time for wash day?! 

Normally wash day seems like quite the chore and the last thing you want to be doing after a long day of work and errands to run, but now is the time to fall back in love with it, and make it a regular occurrence. Put on your favorite Beyonce song, and turn wash day back into a self-care ritual that you'll never miss again. Watch how Lulu (CEO) washes her locs here :    

Learn a new skill

If Youtube wasn't your best friend before, it's likely to be now. Use your free time to learn how to cornrow girl, because despite what people may think this is not a god-given talent given to all black people *cries*. If you didn't know already you can install your locs yourself, watch how a Boho Tribe member does it here (Bellemay Naturals)
 Press play to see our cornrow base routine which we use when self installing: 
We've kickstarted your watch-list, so get binging on how to learn to install your locs and protective styles yourself. We promise your future self and bank account will be grateful! If you're ahead of the game, then get your creative on and learn how to make a crochet wig.

Limit stress and drink your water 

Lastly, whatever your situation may be just remember that these times are temporary and it will pass. In the meantime enjoy the time with yourself, and have a litre bottle of water in arms reach at all times because moisture retention is real guys.
Always bear in mind that stress can do damage on your hair, making it thinner and more prone to breakage so use nurturing your hair as an outlet.
Who would've known at the beginning of 2020 that our schedules would just clear up overnight? so with no guilt attached, we're planning a hell of a lot of self-care, we hope you do too.
Stay safe, and hydrated. 
Love The Boho Team xo
P.s. Share in the comments any tips The Boho Tribe may find useful.
If like us you're not feeling quite like your hawt self, remember you deserve to sit pretty like an Empress. 
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