BIG BLONDE ENERGY: Queen & Silk Edition

BIG BLONDE ENERGY: Queen & Silk Edition

BIG BLONDE ENERGY: Queen & Silk Edition


We’ve got some HEAT coming your way! You asked for it and we're delivering ladies! In addition to our latest launch of the Bad, Blonde and Boujee collection: Blonde Supreme Locs in 3 colors Tri-Blonde, Bey-Blonde, and Lit. We now have our brand NEW 24" Queen Locs in Lit and Silk Locs in Bronde. Your favorite styles now in BLONDE! 
We wanted to create these locks to add a bit of lightness and a bit of fun, something different. We have subtle and brighter shades to suit whichever style is right for you. 

What is the difference between Queen and Silk Locs, you ask?

  Well, let me put you on.
Boho Queen Locs are our best-selling locs with a thicker texture style with wavy comb-through ends that are silky to touch; every loc has its own unique curl pattern and is lightweight to wear.

- Boho Queen Locs In 24" Inches 

Silk Locs are our limited edition, tailored to look effortless and natural and feature highly textured roots that blend out into loose comb-through ends. What differentiates them from Queen Locs is that these gorgeous locs are straight for a sleeker look. 


- Boho Silk Locs in Bronde 24" Inches 


Now that you know the difference let us tell you how to install them. Don't worry, it's easier than you think.  It’s easy to install, refresh and remove. Continue reading to find out more.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide on its installation: 

- Cleanse Your Scalp Beforehand

– get that scalp nice and clean. You don’t want to install these new and fresh locs on a scalp with product buildup. We don’t do that over here sis. 

- Hydrate, Moisturize and Seal Your Natural Hair

– you want to keep your tresses moisturized while it’s in a protective style to prevent stress and breakage of your hair.  

- Part Your Hairline Vertically to the Nape Area. Afterward, twist out the front part (your hairline) and cornrow the other sections. 

- When the Cornrows Are Completed, start adding your locs.

To do this: 

- Open your crochet needle’s latch hook

- Go under your cornrow - Latch on to the pre-looped hole in the loc and close the loop

- Pull it through

- Latch on again to the loc

- Pull it through again, and voila! You’ll have installed your Locs (when doing your install, be sure to leave about 11/2 cm between each loc for the back and 1cm at the middle and at the front section to offer more coverage).

For the Individual Twists Outs:

      - Open the latch hook

     -  Push it through the base of the twist out  

    Hook the loc on and close it  

    Pull it through and then tighten it      

    - Use the pull-through method to hide the natural hair – here’s a tutorial on it:  

    We think you should give blonde a try. Whether you want to go try a subtle look or want to go bold! Go for it. Why not? You have nothing to lose and SLAYAGE to gain.  Check out our latest collection below and sign up for our newsletter to get informed for new product launches, discounts, and giveaways.

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