Did somebody say a wig?

Boho Locs are crochet locs yes, BUT did you know you can actually make them into a wig? ­čś▒
(Little secret confession here, we often use Boho wigs for shoots)
We all love the ease of Boho Locs installs, but for those of you who are #WigLife, have hair loss issues, or you want to switch up your style frequently, then this tutorial is for you! Check it out below
ALSO, because at Boho Locs we like to give you Extra, make sure to check out this mini tutorial by the wonderful @becrochetcreation who showed us how to secure your crochet loc wig
Also make sure to join our Facebook group here where we have ladies sharing how they install their wigs, plus a few super talented wig makers! 
So, are you going to try this? Make sure to send us your selfies if you do and stay tuned for the next #TutorialTuesday 

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