Boho Queen Locs - After-Care Guide


How To care for, Install, Wash, And Maintain Queen Locs 

You've secured the slay now it's time to protect your new crown so you can slay for longer. 
Here are our favourite tips and video guides to keep your Boho Queen Locs in order with the black Queen who designed them, Lulu Pierre. 


Lulu's Top Recommendations 

1. Large cotton hairbands - for a low snag ponytail at night time. 
2. A large silk headscarf - to avoid unnecessary friction that can cause protective styles to roughen.
3. A silk pillowcase - Double protection. Y'all already know the noblest hair-care happens at night.
4. Frizzease Leave-in Conditioner - to lightly spritz your locs in the morning and follow up with Frizzease Styling Foam for best results.
As expected a Queen will always require an extra dose of TLC, compared to the original Boho Goddess Locs we recommend you ensure to follow our simple guide and suggestions to best care for the unique style.

 Protect Your Natural Crown

Although your new crown is light as a feather, it's key to prepare your natural hair before a protective-style install to ensure minimum breakage and maximum moisture retention. 
*Beautiful before. Beautiful after.*
See the Boho method of preparing our natural crown before any faux loc install. Let us know in the comments what your routine looks like...

 Installing Boho Queen Locs 

Double the thickness of the original Boho Goddess Locs means for less time to install.
Not to forget one pack is all you need for a whole-head install with the likelihood of leftovers for touch-ups - a protective style of dreams. We. 👏🏾 Got. 👏🏾 You. 👏🏾
We advise installing using the pull-through method or the double wrapping method that'll secure the individuals at the front.
Watch Lulu self-install using the double wrapping method, and follow along for the ultimate slay at home. 

 How To Wash

You've installed like a pro, and now it's time for wash day which is way less intimidating than a natural wash day sis. We're about to show you just how simple it can be.

All of our locs are entirely durable to wash regularly; you'll probably forget that they are not growing from your scalp as it may feel.

We recommend washing your Boho Queen Locs within the first week of install and here's how:

3 Quick Boho Queen Styles 


Tips To Remember 

  • Never sleep with your locs wet.
  • Avoid using heat on the hair.
  • Invest in a leave-in conditioner to spritz for your morning routine, (we recommend Frizzease.)
  • Satin is your best friend, especially at night time. 
  • A little extra TLC than usual goes a long way. 


If you have any other questions, we're business as usual - email 


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  • Monique Perryman

    I just ordered my siren silk queen locks. 1st time ordering from you and I cant wait to receive them and get them installed.

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