Boho Styling Made Easy! How To Style Your Boho Locs For Every Occasion

Boho Styling Made Easy! How To Style Your Boho Locs For Every Occasion

Boho Styling Made Easy! How To Style Your Boho Locs For Every Occasion

When you think of Boho Locs, the first thing that obviously comes to mind is the carefree bohemian feel that characterizes our style. They're authentic, natural-looking, and gorgeous worn just as is—but styling them for special occasions wouldn't hurt, either! 

Be it a night out with the girls or making a killer first impression at your new job, our various styles such as Queen, Mermaid, Butterfly, and Goddess Boho Locs, are versatile enough to have you looking right for any and every occasion. 

Keeping It Casual 

What's the one hairstyle that we all seem to default to when we're just kickin' back for the day? That's right—the ponytail. Now a ponytail all on its own is super plain.

But with Boho Locs, you can spice it up a bit by adding some cute jewels or leaving out a couple face-framing locs in the front.
You can throw your locs into a super cute high ponytail or even turn it into something fun and flirty by doing a half up and half down look. Ponytails not your thing? Girl, go ahead and twist it into a messy bun or top knot, and call it a day. 
And did you know we offer highlights? Yup, install one of our Boho Locs Highlights packs to give your ponytail or bun a pop of color. 

Poised and Professional 

Sometimes the smallest tweak in your style can make a world of difference, and if you're going for a poised and professional look, installing your Boho Locs as a side part might be just what you need to pull it off. 
You can twist your locs into a neat and chic halo braid or tuck them into a sleek bun with swoop bangs. If updos are not your thing, simply wear your locs as a bob! It's a classic professional style that effortlessly says "boss babe" without being too boring or traditional.
Even if you're not sure if you want to pin it up or wear it down, our 12-14" Bob Boho Goddess Locs in Midnight or Chocolate is versatile enough to do both while still being an appropriate length for all work settings. 

A Night On The Town

If we know Boho Tribe like we think we do, then we know that looking good and standing out when you go out with the girls is a definite must. And in this case, Boho Locs has everything you need to go big, so you won't have to go home. 
Instead of thinking up some intricate, time-consuming style, simply try our Xtra Long 30" Majesty Twists. Different from our selection of locs, Majesty Twists are small, lightweight passion twists that flow and wave down your back like melanated Rapunzel. 
If your idea of poppin' out is color instead of length, we got something for you, too! Our Fantasy Edition Boho Short Bobs are just 10" long and come in stunningly vibrant colors such as Electric Blue, Purple Haze, and Ocean's Green. 
For a little extra styling, try pinning all of your Boho Locs to one side, rocking a stylish patterned headband, or doing two cute space buns in the front. 

Grown and Sexy Date Night 

Sometimes less is more and this especially true when you're going on a grown and sexy date night with your boo. When it comes to what clothes to wear, we have the go-to little black dress; When it comes to makeup, we can always count on the simple red lip. 
And for hair, simplicity is key as well, which means you can do more than a few things. Like rapping your Boho Locs up into a  head wrap and letting your locs waterfall down from the top; or styling an elegant high bun with your baby hair and edges slayed to perfection. 
For something more subtle, try styling your locs into a classy low, side ponytail and then adorning with some elegant gold or silver hair jewels. 
As you can see, Boho Locs is incredibly versatile not just versatile in our own style options, but also in the way you can style them. No matter the occasion, you'll look and feel your absolute best. 
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