Introducing Bronde Toffee Mermaid Locs!

Just when you thought Bronde Boho Locs couldn't get any HOTTER we have turned it up a notch with our newest release, are you ready for... BRONDE TOFFEE MERMAID LOCS 😍
Here are 3 reasons we LOVE Toffee Locs!
1) She's lighter than our Bronde Mermaid hair, with natural dark roots and golden ombre tones, to bring out the Locs
2) Compliments our MELANIN, Bronde Toffee goes BEAUTIFULLY with ALL skin tones
3) Mermaid Hair makes us feel like real Boho Queens, there's something alluring about it, we can't even describe! You just have to see for yourselves 😍
If you're in love (we know we are) then keep sharing, more points, more chances of getting your hands on our MASSIVE bundle prize! πŸŽ‰
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