Empowering Black Women to Embrace our Unique Beauty. Be Seen, Be Heard!

Empowering Black Women to Embrace our Unique Beauty. Be Seen, Be Heard!

Empowering Black Women to Embrace our Unique Beauty. Be Seen, Be Heard!

For generations, Black women have been subjected to conventional beauty standards that fail to capture the essence of our unique beauty, leading to feelings of insecurity and a lack of representation in many areas of society. 

We at Boho Locs believe that the beauty industry has made significant progress in recent years, bringing about a positive impact on women's confidence and self-expression. However, we recognize the struggle Black women face and are committed to empowering them to embrace our unique beauty and be unapologetically themselves.


Our mission at Boho Locs is to empower Black women to embrace our natural beauty and express themselves freely. We understand that it can be challenging to find products that cater to Black women's unique hair needs. 

When we say, "Be Seen, Be Heard!" It's a call to action for Black women to step outside of our comfort zones, embrace our adventurous spirit, and experiment with new styles. Through this movement, we aim to inspire confidence and encourage Black women to be bold, assertive, and expressive. We believe that by doing so, Black women can continue to make our mark and be noticed and look fierce doing it!


Our latest collection, Pastel Twists, is designed to help Black women take that leap of faith and try something new and be daring with color! This collection features stunning twists in triple-tone shades that blend natural black, light grey, and bold pastel color combinations to work with beautiful melanated skin tones. These twists are carefully crafted to ensure that each shade pops and stands out while still blending seamlessly with your natural hair color.


The collection is available in 18" and comes in three colors: Turquoise, Candy Pink, and Lilac. Turquoise is a lively blue-green hue that brings to mind the beauty of tropical waters. Candy Pink is a vivid and attention-grabbing shade of pink, much like the color of cotton candy. Lilac is a gentle and subdued shade of purple that exudes a delicate and romantic vibe. With the spring and festival season coming up you are sure to stun with your bright twists. Let them see you shine!

The "Be Seen, Be Heard” movement is just the beginning of the journey towards empowering ourselves even further, and we promise to continue to push boundaries and create products that cater to the needs of Black women while celebrating our unique beauty.


Whether you're a fashionista who loves to stand out or someone who's looking to add a pop of color to your look, Pastels Twists has got you covered!

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