EXCLUSIVE: How To Install The NEW Bob Chocolate Boho Locs

Hey Gang!🙋🏾‍♀️ 🎉

🚨👀If you haven’t heard yet, we’re releasing a 🔥NEW Colour…

🍫It’s Chocolate Baby, welcome to the Boho Family!! 🍫


We should have called this color HOT CHOCOLATE because it's exactly that, it’s a deep rich warm and delicious shade of brown that was designed by us to work for YOU, and it looks hot! 🧜🏾‍♀️

Previously we released something similar a few years ago, that we were testing out but it didn’t make it in the end. This new and improved warm chocolate shade is a very natural-looking brown shade that can be worn all year round and is our lightest brown shade.


Chocolate Boho Locs, In Goddess, Mermaid and Bob

This new addition to the BOHO LOCS® collection was created by us to give you the option of going brown but not as dark as our Midnight and Naturel collections, and the color was crafted to work well with all skin tones. ✊🏾

Chocolate Boho Locs launches this Friday 21st June in Boho Goddess, Mermaid and in Bob (which we’ve never done before, so we’re super excited!). So make sure you've signed up to our newsletter to get a special email with a surprise gift inside... and if you have - keep an eye on your emails x 📬

Check out the exclusive tutorial below with Lulu installing the NEW Bob Chocolate Boho Locs on the beautiful Zakiyah Shani…🎥💆🏾‍♀️

(IF YOU WANT A CHANCE TO WIN FREE BOHO LOCS Click this link ---> https://vyper.io/c/13513ihhqy)


Peace + Love

From Tatiana & The Boho Locs Team x 

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