Golden Hour With The Boho Tribe

Golden Hour With The Boho Tribe

Golden Hour With The Boho Tribe


The Boho Tribe brought the heat from home with fire golden hour selfies for a chance to win the new Glo Up Collection! - We asked you to step into your light and capture your radiant energy, and we were not disappointed.

Our goddesses are truly glowing, and it’s only right we bask in how hot they look. Thank you to all of you who entered!


We can’t get enough, summer-time fine never felt so real!

All our Boho babes shut it down, but the winners of the giveaway are:


Joyce ✨


Nonnah ✨


We interviewed our glow-getters to see just how they are growing and glowing this season, and got their insider feels on Boho Tribe life...

What does a 'glo up' mean to you?

Nonnah: "A 'glo up' to me means finding and utilizing confidence to be your most awesome and authentic self."

Joyce: "I know that I never have to worry about a bad hair day since I have started wearing Boho Locs -  A 'glo up' starts inside of a person. When you feel confident, strong, and blessed, the best in you comes through and people can feel the energy - You just glow!!"

During these times, have you had any positive outlets and if so, how have they helped? 

 Joyce: "I have been working from home since March and adhering to proper COVID safety protocols. In the beginning, I had a hard time adjusting to working from home and not leaving my house. I am in the high-risk category due to my age (62) and being diabetic, so I have to be diligent. I have found my good place by making sure I get dressed as if I am leaving my home every day and making sure I have on my lipstick - Lipstick and Boho Locs are magic.

I also started walking again every morning for at least an hour from August 8. I picked August 8 because it would have been my mother's 96th birthday and she loved walking. She passed the day before Mother's Day this year.

I am healthier now than I was at the start of this pandemic. I have lost 25 pounds since mid-March through walking, watching what I eat, and drinking lots of water." 

Nonnah: "I've gotten back into music and creativity. To me, art is an amazing way to give back to yourself, and by using positive outlets like art and music, I remember to forgive myself. For I am human, and I am good enough to do whatever my heart desires."


How did you feel in your golden hour selfie?

Nonnah: "In my golden hour selfie I felt stunning!"

Joyce: "When I did my golden hour selfie I felt strong, confident, sexy, vivacious, beautiful, healthy, vibrant, fabulous, happy, blessed, and joyful."

What's your favorite thing about The Boho Tribe?

Joyce: "My favorite thing about the tribe is the positive energy, support, and comradery. We stay high."

Nonnah: "My favorite thing about The Boho Tribe is how it helps Black women around the world feel beautiful. Seeing Black women of all shades rock their Boho Locs is empowering."

Which locs from The Glo Up Collection have you chosen to slay, and why?

Nonnah: "I’ve chosen to slay the Auburn Empress Locs because I think it is a gorgeous color for a New England fall, and I wanted a switch from the blonde colors I always wear." 

Joyce: "I normally wear the Bob Bey-Blonde Goddess Locs. However, I selected the Toffee Goddess Locs so I can try the longer length, and get my glo up going in the gorgeous triple blonde color. Who knows? Toffee might become my new favorite."

The Glo Up Collection

Your fave styles all glo’d up -  Radiate goddess energy too in our hot new drop!




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