Hair Care Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Boho Locs

Hair Care Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Boho Locs

Hair Care Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Boho Locs

When it comes to getting the most out of your look, Boho Locs are basically the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike other crochet styles that are tired and worn out after a couple weeks, our locs have a few qualities that'll actually benefit you in the long term.

Of course, we cover the basics like offering different lengths for those of us looking for something elegantly long, or short and chic. And sis, let's not even get into our various colors and shades! They're super vibrant and stylish, but still completely natural. 
But you wanna know what really makes Boho Locs stand out? The fact that you can get multiple wears out of one pack of locs. That's right, girl. You can wear your Boho Locs for up to 12 weeks at a time, multiple times. 
Let's keep it all the way real, though—you won't be able to wear them that long if you don't take proper care of them. So here's everything you need to know to get the most out of your Boho Locs and look fly all the time. 

So, let's talk about daily maintenance

One thing we all tend to forget when rocking our protective styles is that we still need to take care of our hair underneath! And with crochet styles like Boho Locs, keeping our scalp and roots nourished is the first step in maintaining both natural hair and locs.
Tip #1: Every few days, make sure to spray your roots and scalp with a leave-in conditioner or other water-based spray to keep your hair moisturized. Don't forget to follow up with a nice, scalp massage featuring your favorite hair oil. 
Don't forget to perform a little upkeep on the actual crochet locs, too! Boho Locs may be made with high-quality Japanese synthetic Kanekalon hair, but even they can cling to each other from time to time! 
Tip #2: Before leaving the house, make sure to gently run your fingers through the length of your locs. This will prevent them from clinging or clumping together, and ultimately getting frizzy or tangled. 
And while we're on the subject of tangles and frizz, properly preparing your hair for bed is absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining your gorgeous Boho Locs.
Tip #3: If you don't want to cover your locs with a silk bonnet or head scarf, try a silk pillow or simply placing them in a loose, low ponytail. 
Easy enough, right? There's a little work that goes into maintaining your locs, but it's simple and so worth it.

To wash, or not to wash, that is the question

'Do you have to wash your Boho Locs?'
Nope! It's not necessary to wash your locs because they likely won't ever get dirty enough to require it. But can you if you want to? Well, sorta—it really depends on the style you're wearing. 
Tip #4: We don't recommend getting our Mermaid Locs wet at all, as this style is a combination of waves and locs and likely won't withstand water from things like washing or swimming. Our Boho Goddess Locs, though? Now those are all good to go!
Boho Goddess Locs
Tip #5: Shampoo and condition your scalp like normal, while simply rinsing your locs with cold water only. 
You won't need a blow dryer, either! A complete air dry of both your roots and locs before you hit the sheets at night will do the trick just fine. 

Finessing the take-down

Taking down your Boho Locs the right way is super important because it ensures that you're not damaging your hair underneath in the process. Plus, if you plan on rewearing your locs at a later date, it's important to keep them looking their very best. 
You could, of course, take some scissors and go to town, but that would be a waste of time and some completely good locs, right?
Tip #6: Try the Boho Locs take-down method.
For Cornrows -
  1. Locate the knot or loop at the base of the loc and untie it. Once it's loose, you should be able to pull it 
For Individuals - 
  1. Locate the loop that shows you where your natural hair is placed within the loc. 
  2. Once you find it, gently pull it out of the middle of the loc. 
  3. Then, go back to the root of the crochet loc and loosen the loop that is keeping it secure to your hair. 
  4. After it is loose, you should be able to pull the loc through the base of the individual and voila! It's easily removed. 
Not only is this method easy, but it ensures that you'll be able to keep your locs and nearly perfect condition and reinstall them once you're ready for a fresh style.


Finding the proper storage 

If you've made it to the point of successfully taking down your Boho Locs without damaging them, congratulations—you're a pro. All of you have to do now is find a good spot to store them until you're ready to reinstall. 
Tip #7: Keep your Boho Locs in a place where they'll stay dry and untangled until you're ready to wear them again. Avoid placing them in bags where they'll bunch up and frizz. 

A few ideas on where to store them: 

  • Long, poly plastic bags similar to what braiding hair comes in. 
  • A long storage container. 
  • Draped over a rack or neatly placed on a table. 
  • A regular hanger or one specifically made for hair extensions.
Don't be afraid to get creative with storing your Boho Locs. There are tons of places to put them that'll keep them frizz and tangle free as long as you need them to be. 
Boho Locs are a lot of things. Stylish, convenient, affordable—and most importantly, re-usable. By incorporating these top tips into your routine, your Boho Locs will stay flawless and ready to wear for months to come.
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I absolutely love these locs. They are the best ever. I have had them installed via corn rows for two months now and I highly recommend them, Once I remove them I will have a quick appointment for another install. YESSSSSSS using the same locs

Love the informercials
Love the customer service

One Request – Can you all design solid colors for instance golden blonde from root to end? :)


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