How to Find Your Personal Boho Locs Style

How to Find Your Personal Boho Locs Style

How to Find Your Personal Boho Locs Style

Listen, it’s 2022. We’re not here to dictate how you should and shouldn’t wear your hair – that archaic era is over.
However, if you’ve been thinking about changing your style and don’t know where to start or want to invest in the latest Boho loc style (preferably one that flatters your features), there are a few guiding tips that still ring true.
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Choose Based on Your Face Shape

When choosing the most flattering loc style for your face shape, you need to pick one that highlights your best features. According to the set ‘rules,‘ here are some of the features you should look out for:
  • Heart-Shaped – queens with a pointed chin and wider forehead need to draw attention to their eyes and cheekbones with brow-grazing locs, chin-length bob locs, or long, face-framing locs like the Naturel Boho Goddess Locs
  • Long/Oblong – the longer your locs, the longer they’ll make your face look. It’s often best to pick loc styles with plenty of volume, some side-swept locs, or shoulder-length styles (somewhere between your chin and shoulders). A perfect example would be the Bob Choc/Bronde Mermaid Locs.

  • Round– the best options for round-faced beauties include long bobs, shoulder-length locs, messy locs and twists, and some side-swept loc styles. Our favorite Boho loc styles for round face shapes include Bey-Blonde Boho Majesty Twists.

  • Oval – these are the blessed face shapes since almost every hairstyle flatters their shape. Yes, these are even suited for the Boho Short Bob Fantasy Edition and the Rapunzel-length loc styles.

  • Square– if your face is nearly as broad as it is long, you should go for styles with curly or choppy ends, long bobs, or soft, side-swept locs. The Bob Hot Sauce Boho Goddess Locs are a brilliant example.

  • Diamond – if you’re looking to flatter your diamond-shaped face, go for face-framing layers, long loc styles, textured shags, or some side-swept styles like the Bob Beach Hot Fudge Locs.

PSA: It doesn’t matter what face shape you have; you can rock any style you so please. So, if you’ve been obsessing over the Iced Latte Boho Goddess Locs lately, get them and rock them however you want - no one’s stopping you!

Consider the Loc Color

Choosing between blonde, brown, and red is overwhelming enough even without digging into the spectrum of tones that exist within those shades. Then you have to consider the tones that complement your complexion (chilling glass of wine? Anyone?)
However, understanding the color spectrums can mean the difference between selecting an okay hair color and your most flattering shade. And while it might seem like chemistry homework, choosing the ideal loc style color chalks down to identifying your skin’s undertones.
Most people fall into either:
  • Warm Undertones – like Beyoncé, warm skin tones tend to shine when paired with warm hair colors like blush-y blondes, buttery blondes, caramel brown, copper hues, golden beige, highlights, or ombre fading. These queens can also experiment with pastels, rose golds, blues, and greens if they want something edgy.
Some great Boho loc styles for warm skin undertones include the Bey-Blonde/Bronde options, the Boho Fantasy Edition, Brauburn options, among others.
  • Cool Undertones – like Ciara, queens with cool undertones slay in warm tones like auburn, caramel browns, chocolate hues, copper, gold, honey, toffee, or strawberry blondes. They can also rock in deep black loc colors, dramatic ombrés, royal purple, saturated pastels, and silver grays.
Some flattering Boho Loc styles for cool undertones include the Hot Fudge options, Lit Boho loc styles, Midnight options, and Storm Boho locs, among others.
  • Neutral Undertones – like oval-shaped faces, these goddesses have the most flexibility with color. They can pull off any blonde – super platinums, beige blondes, golden blondes, and even amber blondes. They can literally choose any shade on the rainbow, like these Purple Haze Locs, and look amazeballs!
Ultimately, all these ‘set rules’ are just to help you get started. The best part about hair color, in general, is that you can play around with it until you find your favorite shade – no matter your skin tone.
Moreover, we offer you over 100 styles to choose from, no matter your undertone, mood, and even personal style. So, go hard, boo!

Occasions Matter, Too

We all have our go-to hairstyles: some quick Distressed Locs in a messy bun, a sassy high pony, or side-swept, now and then. However, sometimes, these styles start looking a bit tired or under-done for specific occasions.
Therefore, if you’re looking to spruce up your loc styles, here are a few recommendations for various occasions:
Prom – almost every Boho loc style is appropriate for prom. However, if you want to turn heads as your grace the dancefloor, go for some of our edgy styles like the Distressed Locs, Fantasy Edition, Majesty Twists, or the Xtra Goddess Locs.
First Date – the best loc style for a first date allows your date to focus on your beautiful face and connect with you. Some incredible options include the Beach Locs and the Queen Locs.
Day At the Beach – most of our loc styles are perfect for a day at the beach. Yes, you can lounge with them, swim for as long as you want, and even cover yourself with sand. IYKYK.
However, we don’t recommend swimming in the Mermaid Locs.
Weddings – unless the wedding is yours, skip the formal loc styles and let the bride shine. So, guess what this means! Any Boho loc style you fancy is wedding suitable – yeah, even the iced latte or storm options. You can even try accessorizing them for a sexy flair.
Work/interview – the main goal is to have clean, professional-looking, and tidy hair. And while we’d like to recommend every Boho loc style for the office, some workplaces are still strict on hair color, making the Naturel options more suitable. How you hold your hair also matters, so be sure to check out this guide.
The best way to find your signature Boho loc style is to find one that makes you happy and feel sexy. So what if it doesn’t match your face shape or skin undertone?
As long as you’re satisfied with your option and can confidently strut around with it, then nobody else’s opinion matters. You do, you boo – it’s the only way to live!
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