Loc Accessories 101

Loc Accessories 101

Loc Accessories 101


Wearing a gorgeous set of Boho Locs is only made better when you have the right accents to spice up your look, and loc accessories are exactly what you need to create some seriously memorable style moments.
If you are looking for some casual and comfortable day pieces or some head-turning 'night out with the girls' cute pieces we have something to suit the occasion.  
From intricate blinged-out cuffs to earthy, wooden beads, there are tons of different style options that remind us that it doesn't hurt to spruce up our look from time to time. Here's the 101 on our favorite loc accessories that work for any and every occasion. 
Day Accessories 
Now I know what you're thinking—what makes a good daytime accessory? Can't they all be worn whenever you want? Well, yes and no. Yes, you should go for whatever makes you feel like you're absolutely serving, but you should also keep the vibe of the day in mind. 
Most of us aren't wearing evening gowns or dressed to the nines during the early morning and afternoon, so we need something to make our otherwise casual looks really pop during the day. Here is where loc accessories like cuffs, shells, and beads come in. 
Loc Cuffs & Coils
Cuffs and coils will effortlessly take your look from nay to slay in a matter of seconds. The main reason is that, unlike other accents, they're really easy to install. All you have to do is wrap them around the body of each loc you wish to adorn, and voila! You're all done. 
The cool thing about cuffs and coils is that they might be simple, but they're certainly not basic. A lot of them are designed with lovely colors, gems, and patterns that elegantly wrap around your locs. Plus, they typically have bright gold or silver bases that really stand out. 
The downside is that most cuffs and coils are made with metals that'll rust or turn green if they get wet, so you'll have to take them off before you shower or invest in stainless steel. 
Loc Beads & Shells 
Now for those of you who love the carefree vibe of locs and are looking to accentuate the bohemian feel, beads and shells will be your best friend. Just like the various style options, you have to choose from, the materials they're made with are diverse as well.
You can find different types of beads in metal, fabric, wood, or stainless steel. Of course, the shells are made from organic materials, but you can also find handmade, decorated or colored shells that'll fit your specific aesthetic. 
Different from cuffs and coils, beads and shells take a little bit of effort to put on. So make sure you invest in sturdy thread and a basic crochet needle to get the job done. 
Night Out Accessories 
No matter what plans or activities you're getting into, a night out always comes with the works: hair done, nails done, everything did.
And while your first thought might be to embellish your locs just as much as you dressed yourself up, less is actually more here. 
Even when you're going for a look that is fun, flirty, and extra, staying classy and well-balanced with your style is still the goal.
So which accessories would be the best option in this case? That's easy—head scarfs and loc wrapping with metallic wire or silk thread. 
Head Scarves
You cannot go wrong with a good headscarf. Whether you're wrapping your hair up as a protective method while you sleep, or going for an elegant turban style for a fancy dinner, a headscarf made with a luxurious fabric or stunning pattern is always a good look. 
There's a little bit of finesse that comes with wearing a scarf around your locs on a night out because you want to make sure you keep it regal and tasteful, while also veering away from a look that's a bit too casual. Here's an idea of how to do it: 
  1. Secure your hair into a foundational style based on how you want your scarf to sit. This will either be a ponytail or bun, but will sit high or low depending on the look you're going for. 
  2. Take your long headscarf and fold into a strip going lengthwise, and place the middle of the strip at the back of your head. 
  3. Take the front of the scarf, and cross the right side over to the left, the left side over to the right, and then tuck the ends in on the side and back of your scarf. 
  4. Your wrap is all done! You can leave as is, or adorn with additional accessories. 
Of course, this is only one way to wrap your locs. Don't be afraid to get creative and try out different styles before your night out!
Loc Wrapping
Instagram: @funmi__ 
If you're unfamiliar with loc wrapping, it's a technique where you take thread or wire and wrap it around a loc or few. Sounds easy enough, right?
That's because it is! All you have to do is take silk or cotton thread, tie a loop around your loc, and wrap upward until your desired space is completely wrapped. Then, secure the ends with a knot and you're done. 
If you're using metal hair wire, the process is the same. The only difference is that you might want to leave some space in between wraps as you go up to prevent unnecessary tugging and weight on your locs— especially if they have hair left out like Goddess locs
To style this particular accessory for a night out, you can go with bright, vibrant colors or opt for some sultry vibes and stick with the relaxed earth tones. 
Whichever you choose—either loc wrapping or any of the other aforementioned loc accessories— know that you have the freedom and flexibility to spice up your Boho Locs in a way that feels right to you. 
You can purchase your loc accessories at your local beauty supply store or right here at Boho Locs.
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