From now on we are going to bring you all weekly hair care tips, different ways to style, maintenance advice, product guides, and much more!

So every week on Mondays & Wednesdays keep an eye out on the Boho Blog because SIS we're gonna spill ALL the tea on how to keep SLAYING in ya Boho Locs!! 

Also, to help us continue providing the BEST service that we can for the BOHOGANG, we've brought on TWO new incredible team members...

Our NEW Social Media Manager & Creative Director

Heyyy GANG :) I'm Tatiana - the Social Media Manager here at Boho Locs and essentially I manage ALL things Social Media here at Boho Locs.  
A typical day for me at the Boho office would consist of ensuring everything on ALL of our social media accounts is going as I planned. For example, I would schedule and create our social posts, reply to your dm's & comments on our accounts, save & post your HAWT selfies on our stories, design & send you weekly emails and many more digitally savvy tasks.   
Also, I dabble in creative direction too! Which means I get to determine the creative vision for Boho Locs, our campaigns and projects. I then manifest that vision through digital, web & social media and ensure the visuals/messaging is on point! 
p.s. - I'll be writing blog posts on Monday’s for the Boho blog, so keep an eye out for exciting hair-raising content!

Our Customer Support, Community Manager and Content Creator

"Hey!! So I have most probably spoken to a lot of you already at some point.   
I’m Annona and I am the Customer Support, Community Manager and Content Creator! Bit of a mouthful I know. But what that basically means is that first and foremost, YOU are my number one priority!! I am the go-to person when it comes to all your customer service needs, from answering general Boho Locs queries to queries relating to your orders, and making sure you are happy with your experience.   
I also deal with all the behind-the-scenes techy stuff to make sure your orders reach the warehouse and YOU in time for you to SLAY!  
You will be seeing a lot more blog content from me too on Wednesday's, as I feel like I’ve gotten to know you and what you want to see!!   
Oh, and I LOVE receiving all your SLAY pics too so keep em coming"



Love from the Boho Locs Team x

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