Our Bobs Just Got Even Shorter - Learn How To Install & Style

Our Bobs Just Got Even Shorter - Learn How To Install & Style

Our Bobs Just Got Even Shorter - Learn How To Install & Style

We're serving sexy, sassy and stylish vibes with the hotly anticipated new collection, Boho Short Bobs - Our shortest length yet of 10" in Goddess Locs and Majesty Twists is set to have your spring look on lock. Never out, Short Bobs are a timeless look that's a go-to for feeling brand-new.



Let's take a moment to admire our new creation with Founder and Boho Style Designer Lulu, as she spills all the tea you'll need on installation and styling. 


How To Install

Each pack of 160 Goddess Locs/Majesty Twists includes three lengths of 6", 8" and 10" for the ultimate natural finish. Discover how we recommend installing the variety to achieve Short Bob realness.



Just in case you're not into self-installs, here is the recommended method for your hairstylist saviour.


How To Style

The definition of short and sweet, our new bobs are just as versatile and hair-flick worthy as longer styles. Get ready to pull up and steal the spotlight with these classic looks.



Reveal the full collection - Llimited stock remaining! →

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Absolutely love you guys are heaven sent great quality

Nye Nys

I appreciated this tutorial because I was considering stepping out of my comfort-zone and get a color other than black or gray. After seeing where you have to pull your natural hair through, I think I will stick with the norm. Lol! Thanks for the tips. 👍🏾


I am excited about the new shorter length. Would like to order the new short Bob in Silver grey a.s.a.p. Thank you.


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