Yo Boho Fam!
So it's been sometime since our last blogpost and in that time we have been in the Boho Locs kitchen cooking up some new locs for ya!
Remember our Naturel Mermaid Locs that you went crazy over and loved soo much that they sold out in days?

Remember also asking us to drop the Bob length in the same style?
Well, YOU asked and WE delivered!
We're so happy to welcome our all NEW Bob Naturel Mermaid Locs!

As with our Naturel Mermaid, these Bob Naturel Mermaid locs are about as Naturel as they come!
The black and brown colour comb oozes a natural look and works to
blend seamlessly with your natural hair. 
Ok ...
So a few reminders about how these locs come packaged!
    What comes in a pack?
    In a pack you will find 120 locs of our Naturel Boho Goddess Locs as well as a separate pack of Mermaid Wavy hair in the Naturel color. 
    Watch the video below by our Founder Lulu who goes into more detail about how the Naturel Mermaid comes packaged.
    How they are installed?
    The locs can b applied with a crochet needle onto a cornrow base. They are beginner friendly and easy to apply. We even have plenty of tutorial videos for you to walk through step-by-step on how to apply the locs. 
    What comes with them?
    The locs come equipped with a FREE Boho Locs accessory kit containing over 25 hair jewels and ties just like the one seen in the image below

    Use discount code ISSABOB15 and save yourself 15% off the bob style
    *offer ends Midnight EST on Sunday 21st Oct

    Check out our YouTube video for the Bob Naturel Mermaid Locs
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