REAL Queen Sh*t: The Reign Of Boho Majesty Twists

REAL Queen Sh*t: The Reign Of Boho Majesty Twists

REAL Queen Sh*t: The Reign Of Boho Majesty Twists

Hey Queens! Ready to slay this summer with a new hairdo that screams, "New hair, who dis?" Look no further because Boho Majesty Passion Twists have got you covered.

These lightweight twists are perfect for the heat of summer, ensuring you have your best summer yet, the Boho way.

Wanna spice up your style and feel all fancy and free? We got your back with our Boho Majesty Passion Twists!

They come in SEVEN bomb colors that'll have you standing out in any crowd. Embrace those vibrant hues and let your inner queen shine through with a look that's uniquely YOU!

It's time to slay and show 'em what you're made of! 

Check out how Christina B. showed off our bomb 18" Boho Majesty Passion Twists In Bey-Blonde. She said "This hair is absolutely beautiful! I love the color and the customer service is amazing! Love you Boho Locs!"

Aww, thanks boo, we love you right back!

Get in on the FOMO. Don't miss out on the hype. Our Majesty Twists are already a hit among Queens who are all about being fabulous and fierce. Be quick and secure your set before they're on backorder. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to rock these must-have twists.

We know you love being the center of attention, so grab your chance to stand out even more. If you're all about that pink, mint, or lilac life, you better act fast.

There are a few LAST CHANCE colors available but you'll have to hop over to our site to see them before they're gone. Trust us; you're going to want to get in on this deal sis!

It’s not just about looking and feeling fabulous in the style; it’s about expressing yourself fearlessly. We understand that some Black women worry about corporate backlash when showcasing our style. 

But let us tell you, you deserve to feel empowered and confident in your own skin, no matter where you are. Boho Majesty Passion Twists celebrate individuality, so wear them with pride and let your true self shine through.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the tribe of Queens already rocking their Boho Majesty Passion Twists and step into a world of color and vibrancy.

Now, let's talk about Christina M., looking fabulous in our 18" Boho Majesty Passion Twists in Lit. She said of the twists "Easy install. Took my stylist 2 hours for the braid down and everything! The hair is light and beautiful. Very nice quality. The 18 inch length was still very long and reached my waist. I would recommend the Majesty Twists!! You will get all sorts of compliments!!"

Yes, sis. We love a good compliment!

And hold up, there's more to see! Abbie from Abbie Curls @abbiecurls is showing us how she transformed her twists, from the install to the styling and take down process. You gotta check it out!

So, are you FINALLY ready to own this summer and showcase your style like never before?

Shop the entire Boho Majesty Passion Twists collection. Your next head-turning style is waiting for you, boo! 



P.S. There's a majestic surprise coming your way really soon. We're dropping not one but TWO new breathtaking colors: 18” Majesty Twists in Light and Blonde Bronde. Get ready to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go. 

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