Want to know how to keep your Siren Silk locs in the BEST condition?
We know this style is HOT, and a lot of you have asked about washing the hair. So that's exactly what I did and can I just say, it looks EVEN BETTER after the wash!
Watch the video below:


So you've washed them and they're looking good?! What's next...



We ALSO got amazing advice from our beautiful Boho Babe Justice Oneness! These are how she keeps her Siren Silk on point

  1. Using Jamaican Mango & Lime Loc gel on the ends 
  2. Seal with a light carrier oil, Justice uses the same brands oil 
  3. A light moisturiser to keep the natural hair moisturised underneath her locs 


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We have been absolutely LOVING all of your beautiful selfies and videos of Siren Silk and we cannot wait to bring back this style! 
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