Step Into Spring With These Five Cult-Favorite Boho Styles

Ahhh, Spring. The time to replace your winter moisturizer with a lightweight SPF and your heavy outerwear for some light denim magic (or what Riri has been serving our feeds with).
What’s more, if, like us, you’re looking to do some much-needed spring-cleaning, there’s no better time to replace your heavy detailed hairstyles for some light, head-turning spring-inspired looks.
So, whether you’re ready to start experimenting with some shimmery platinum loc styles or looking to switch your oh-so-boring office looks for some lustrous options, we’ve got you covered.
Ahead, five of our favorite loc styles to put some extra pep in your spring hairstyles.

The Bey-Blonde Boho Goddess Locs

These laissez-faire locs are simple yet très chic, no? Well, if you are looking to grace the office with a new hairstyle this Spring, then these should be your go-to.
One of the most loved Boho loc styles, the Bey-Blonde Goddess Locs are made with premium-quality synthetic hair to give you natural-looking, featherweight, and head-turning locs.
They come in a gorgeous bespoke ombré blonde that gradually changes from light brown to a natural sun-kissed blonde that delivers a low luster, breathtaking look. They are 1cm thick and are available in 22”.
What’s more…
These locs can easily be worn for 12 weeks, are reusable, and swim and shower-friendly – you don’t have to skip your beach days.

The Bronde Boho Majesty Twists

With Spring in full bloom, it’s time to add these lustrous, unequivocally gorgeous twists to your shopping list.
A unique and beautiful take on the popular passion twists, the Boho Majesty Twists come in eye-catching gradients and blends that effortlessly bring out the beauty in all melanated skin tones.
They are 0.8cm wide, come in 30” and 18”, and every twist has its own curl pattern of kinks and curls to give a stunning, salon-finish look.
And that’s not all…
Unlike other Boho styles, you can easily switch the Majesty Twists style into a distressed look for a completely new and sexy vibe. Talk about versatility!

The Lit Boho Mermaid Locs

They’re litty, they’re flexible, plus a sultry combination of the one-of-a-kind kinks of the Boho Goddess Locs and the unique soft waves of the Mermaid Locs – we’re talking about the Lit Boho Mermaid Locs.
If you’re looking for a classy yet flirty way to slay this season, these locs should be in your protective hairstyles arsenal.
They come in a light ash brown with a slight dash of dirty blonde and fierce platinum blonde to give you a fun, flirty, and youthful appearance. They are also reusable, water-friendly, and quick to install (just an hour and you’ll be good to go).

The Bob Iced Latte Goddess Locs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gen-Zer who wants to fill their Instagram feed with a new hairdo or someone who simply wants to make a seamless transition from dull to sultry vibrant locs; the Boho Iced Latte Goddess Locs are for everyone.
They come in a unique combination of ash brown, with light touches of dirty and platinum blonde (Lit), blended with light brown tones and sun-kissed blondes (Bey-Blonde), to give that edgy and sexy look.
These statement locs are easy to install, shower-friendly, and come in two lengths, 12” and 14”. You can also wear them for more than 12 weeks (just be sure to give them some much-needed TLC now and then).
So, just as you switch your coffee order to your favorite iced drink, make sure to add these icy locs into your Boho Locs shopping cart.

The Bob Boho Queen Locs In Hot Bronde

Nothing quite feels like Spring like some au naturel, sun-kissed Boho Queen Locs.
Inspired by Lisa Bonet, these effortlessly cool, chic, and natural locs are perfect for the office, the beach, intense workout sessions, and practically every season and situation.
They are 1.5cm wide, come in 24” and 16”, and every loc has its own curl and wave pattern to give you a flawless, world-stopping finish. They are also 100% water-friendly, lightweight, and can be worn for 12 weeks.
So, if you are looking for a way to make a lasting impression this season, make sure to snatch these locs and channel your royal!


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