SUPREME VS GODDESS: What's The Difference?

SUPREME VS GODDESS: What's The Difference?

SUPREME VS GODDESS: What's The Difference?

Hey sis guess what! We just figured out your next Boho locs go-to look.
Introducing (drumroll, please)...the lustrous, sleek, and sophisticated Boho Supreme Locs!
Yass queen! This year we have decided to embrace the Blueprint campaign wholeheartedly by giving you (limited edition) loc styles that define black culture and make you feel like the queen you are.
Now, if you can’t wait to add these locs to your #BohoLocs collection but are wondering what’s the difference between the Supreme locs and some of our popular loc styles like the Goddess locs, here’s all you need to know.

What Are Boho Goddess Locs?

The Boho Goddess Locs are crochet faux locs with a non-uniform curl pattern consisting of unique kinks and curls. They are lightweight, flirty, and feminine, making them perfect for almost every occasion.

What Are Boho Supreme Locs?

The Supreme Locs are a classic, straight loc style that gives you that sophisticated Boho flair and celebrates the iconic natural loc look. They mimic how natural locs grow out of your hair without waves or curls, making them the perfect go-to office style.

How Are They Different?

Here are some of the ways Boho Goddess and Supreme Locs differ:

Physical Attributes

Goddess Locs have a non-uniform curl pattern – each pack comes with its own unique wave and curl pattern for a sexy finish.
Supreme Locs are straight – no curls, waves, or fancy patterns included.

The Vibe

Goddess Locs are flirty, lustrous, night out-y, and just playful. If you’ve ever found yourself staring dreamily at a picture of Meghan Good and her iconic loc styles, these should be your go-to.
Supreme Locs are more mature, professional, sleek, and sophisticated. These are your best bet if you’ve been looking to recreate Zendaya’s 2015 Oscars loc look.

Kit Contents

The Goddess Locs Kit comes with 120 naturally textured crochet locs. If you want additional layers, you’ll have to purchase them separately.
The Boho Supreme Locs Kit comes with 120 locs. 20, 14’ (additional layers for the front) and 100 regular locs for the back.


The Supreme Locs are effortless to style. You can place them in a messy bun, topknot, laid-back tie back, or low pony – it’s up to you, so go hard!
You can be more aggressive with the Boho stretch on the Supreme Locs. If you don’t know how to do a Boho stretch, here’s a quick tutorial. 
The Goddess Locs are also easy to style, but they give you that mysterious, sexy, goddess-y vibe when placed in a side swoop or messy bun. But as always, you are your own boss so wear your hair as you want, boo! We are here for it!
However, we don’t recommend the Boho stretch for Goddess Locs – they can lose their curl pattern, and trust us, you don’t want that!


Goddess Locs are available 24/7. But keep checking our website to know which ones are in stock and those that aren’t.
Supreme Locs are only available to pre-order, for a limited time only. So, make sure you sign up to gain early access and be the first to reign Supreme.
Whilst you're waiting for these elegant locs to drop, why not take our quiz to get a personalised recommendation for a look that will make you feel supreme.
PLUS get 24 HOURS early access to the Supreme Loc drop! 
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