All about Empress Locs!

Introducing Boho Empress Locs

Welcome to the world of Boho Empress!
Get to know our first ever skinny loc style and undoubtedly the most natural-looking locs collection to date! This guide will cover all you need to know- from what comes with your pack, how to install , and more.

All About Boho Empress Locs

These lightweight and really real loc-like faux locs style have been highly requested and you know here at Boho Locs, when you ask, we listen.
So, here's a few things you need to know ahead of launch...

What you'll get in your pack

For everyone that purchases our Empress locs, you'll receive not one but TWO packs of hair. As these locs are naturally thinner in style, you will likely use between one pack and a half, to one and two-thirds of the two packs.
All packs will also come with a FREE pack of hair ties for you to decorate and style your locs as you like!
Check out our video below for answers to more of your FAQ's.
Top 5 Differences between our Goddess Locs & the Empress locs
1. The look and feel
They are thinner than our Goddess Locs and are closer to real locs in size and appearance
2. You will receive TWO packs
Instead of the one pack as you would with our other styles, it's completely up to you how much you use depending on how full you feel comfortable in!
3. Our Empress Locs come in 3 different lengths! 👀👀









That's right! Our Empress Locs come in a Short n Sweet 16 inches, the Classic Long of 20-22 inches and Empress Deluxe of 26 inches! So you can rock whichever length best suits your style. 🔥🔥
4. The cornrow base
Empress Locs has a different technique to our Goddess Locs. Instead of leaving individuals out at the front, with Empress the base is ALL cornrow!
You'll need between 12-14 cornrows going back. One thin cornrow will be the one to go all the way around the back of the head and link up with the rest of the plaits, whilst about every two-three cornrows will merge into one canerow (depending on your head shape). This will happen about 2inches back into the smaller cornrows before merging.














5. Finally - the Empress Locs are not pre-looped
Being so thin, if you crocheted individually this would take a super long time!
Therefore we need to create our own loops - which can be done easily by following the below steps:
  • Fold the loc in half at the middle of the loc
  • Pull the folded side through the cornrow braid with the crochet needle - creating your own loop!
  • Pull the ends through the loop and tie and remember not to pull too hard!
Watch more in our install video below as we show you in detail.
    Check out the install video here:
    Styling Your Empress Locs
    You can style your Empress Locs however you like! Whether half-up-half-down, in a high bun - the choices are just as diverse as your Goddess Locs. 
    Stretching Your Empress Locs
    Yes, you can! That's right, you can stretch your Empressess Locs using the same method as our Goddess Locs.
    Using a hair-dryer to blow heat on your locs, simply run your fingers through to the specific area, stretching out the locs.
    See below image of Lulu with her stretched Deluxe Empress Locs!
    P.S. See our Lookbook pics below for futher inspo!
    🔥Empress Locs - The Lookbook🔥
    General Care Tips
    • Remember to keep your hair nourished whilst rocking the Empress Locs by spraying a scalp refresher or applying oil to your roots
    • You can also wash your locs, be sure to rinse them well if applying any product, but we dont recommend sleeping in the locs damp
    • If your skin is sensitive to synthetic hair we always recommend doing a ACV (Apple, Cidre, Vinegar) rinse before installing the hair
    • Remember not to cornrow the hair too tight and not to loop the locs too tight - we don't want any scalp tension !


    We hope you enjoy your Empress Locs and can't wait to see you slay in them!


    - Boho Locs Team x

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    Hi Julia Muhammad,

    We’re taking the suggested percussions here at Boho HQ, hope you’re well and safe!

    The install video is above in the blog called ‘BOHO EMPRESS INSTALL’, or you can check out Naturally Philos install here

    Any other questions concerning the install please email 😘

    Boho Locs

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment, you can indeed do the Boho Stretch if you want. Naturally the curls will drop slightly after a week or so.

    We can’t wait to see you slay 👑

    Boho Locs

    Hi Judy,

    You can incorporate Empress in with your own locs if you’d like! Let us know how it goes, we’d love to see this 😍

    Boho Locs

    Can these empress locs be incorporated with my own natural locs to give a fuller look?

    Judy Bunney

    So excited to receive my Empress Locs!!! Can I do the Boho stretch with these to relax the curl?


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