The story behind the brand: Boho Locs. Honoring our CEO, Lulu Pierre

The story behind the brand: Boho Locs. Honoring our CEO, Lulu Pierre

The story behind the brand: Boho Locs. Honoring our CEO, Lulu Pierre

In the world of hair extensions and protective styles, Boho Locs has emerged as a true game-changer. It's not just a brand; it's a movement. At the helm of this inspiring venture is CEO Lulu Pierre, a visionary entrepreneur who has not only transformed the hair industry but also empowered women to embrace their natural beauty.


The Birth of Boho Locs


Boho Locs was born out of frustration and a burning desire to fill a glaring gap in the market. Lulu Pierre, a trailblazing woman with a deep-rooted passion for beauty and self-expression, embarked on a mission to redefine crochet locs. Her vision was clear - to create a product that was natural-looking, available in a variety of colors, had minimal shine and luster, was lightweight, and most importantly, easy to acquire.

"I started this brand out of my own frustration," Lulu recalls. "I couldn't find a crochet loc that ticked all the boxes for me, and it had me wondering why such a product wasn't readily available."


An Unexplored Niche


Lulu's journey was fueled by a profound understanding of the market's nuances. She recognized that many beauty supply stores, particularly those owned by Asians, didn't cater to the loc market as effectively as they could. This realization stemmed from a deep personal connection to locs, as her mother and several other women in her life proudly rocked them. It was this connection that ignited her passion and drove her to explore this untapped niche.

"I have a strong connection to locs," Lulu explains. "Seeing my mother and so many women around me embrace this style made me realize the need for a product that truly resonated with their lifestyle and aesthetic."


A Visionary's Triumph


With this fiery passion and a commitment to excellence, Boho Locs was born. Lulu embarked on a journey that would not only redefine her own life but also change the lives of countless Black women around the world. The brand became synonymous with authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity, values that Lulu herself holds dear.


Boho Locs' success is a testament to Lulu's unwavering determination and keen entrepreneurial acumen. What began as a response to personal frustration has blossomed into a global phenomenon. Today, Boho Locs is the go-to destination for those seeking natural-looking, stylish crochet locs, braids and twists that cater to a spectrum of preferences.


The Vision and Values of Boho Locs


Boho Locs isn't just about hair; it's about embracing one's identity and expressing it with confidence. Lulu's vision for the brand goes beyond providing a product; it's about providing a solution that resonates with individuals on a personal level. The brand stands for self-expression, self-love, and the celebration of diversity.


"At Boho Locs, we believe that beauty is not one-size-fits-all," says Lulu. "Our products are designed to empower Black women to express themselves authentically and unapologetically."

A Journey of Empowerment


As CEO, Lulu has not only shaped Boho Locs into a brand that celebrates natural beauty but has also inspired countless women to embrace their unique selves. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and a deep commitment to making a difference in the world of hair and entrepreneurship. 


In a world where the beauty industry often sets narrow standards, Boho Locs stand as beacons of authenticity and empowerment. The brand's journey is an inspiring tale of transformation and growth, mirroring the personal journey of our CEO.


As Boho Locs continues to flourish and touch the lives of beautiful melanated queens worldwide, it remains a tribute to the vision and values of Lulu. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to uplifting others through self-expression have paved the way for a brighter, more inclusive beauty industry.


New Leadership for a Bright Future


As Boho Locs continues to flourish and expand its horizons, it's only natural that the brand has brought on new leadership to spearhead its growth. 


Lulu has recruited a dynamic duo to propel Boho Locs to the next level. Our new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rohan Inneh, and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Daniel Monte, bring their expertise and vision to the brand.


With their combined experience and innovative strategies, they aim to take Boho Locs to new heights, ensuring the brand's reach and impact continue to grow while staying true to its values and commitment to its customers.


Join the Club: Boho Locs Loyalty Program


Boho Locs is more than just a brand; it is a community that values and cares for its members. As a member of the Club Boho loyalty program, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and surprises. We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with those who have made Boho Locs a part of their lives. Loyalty Program members can look forward to receiving special discounts, exclusive benefits, surprises and much more as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. So what are you waiting for? Join the club, sis!


Empowering Black Women Worldwide: Boho Locs Blog


Explore more inspiring stories, tips, and insights on haircare, self-expression, and embracing natural beauty by visiting our Boho Locs Blog. This blog is a rich source of information and personal narratives that resonate with our brand's vision of celebrating diversity and self-love. It's a must-read for those who want to stay connected with the Boho Locs community.


Sneak Peek: Upcoming Products from Boho Locs


Boho Locs understands the importance of innovation and staying ahead in a constantly evolving beauty industry. That's why we're constantly developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of our customers. We encourage you to stay tuned and watch this space for exciting product launches that promise to take your hair game to the next level!


As Boho Locs continues its journey, it remains deeply committed to its core values of authenticity, individuality, and a strong connection to our customers. The brand's success story, rooted in the vision of Lulu and carried forward by an ambitious new leadership team, is an inspiring example of what passion, purpose, and innovation can achieve.


So, join Boho Locs on this remarkable journey, and together, let's embrace the beauty of authenticity with our styles that empower you to express your unique style and personality.

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