THIS SH*T IS FOR US! - Black Female Entrepreneurs Part 1

Did you know that Black female-owned businesses are the fastest growing economic force in the U.S?
Did you also know that the number of black women-owned businesses grew 67 percent between 2007 and 2012, outpacing the 27 percent growth rate for female-owned businesses, reports the U.S. Census Bureau?
This rapid growth is particularly impressive and hard-won considering the challenges that black women face as entrepreneurs, including lack of start-up capital, resources and loans, along with racial and gender discrimination within the largely white, male-dominated sectors of financing and technology.
It’s amazing what Black Women are doing in our current age and we only look to esteem that in hope of encouraging other women to step out and do the same.
This right here is a blog celebrating black female entrepreneurship, black female excellence and most importantly black female ownership.
For us Black female ownership is HELLA important!
Particularly where it is pertains to black hair, we believe that black hair brands that sale to black women SHOULD be black owned because we are the consumers therefore we should get the reward but more importantly we know what we want intimately.
We should be able to take our products to the non-black owned brands and show them that actually as a black owned woman creating hair and hairstyles for black women that we can compete on a global level and on the same level as their non-black owned brands.
This everything that Boho Locs was founded upon …
It was founded on the realisation that in the hair industry a lot of the mainstream suppliers, manufacturers and brands are NOT owned by us but are largely bought by us

And that it is important that the trend changes and that some of these mainstream and global brands be owned by us black women.
That is exactly where the motto for the brand ‘This sh*it is for us' comes from!
This is just the beginning of celebrating and highlighting black female entrepreneurship and a quick preview on just what this blog series will touch on. So stay tuned for more on black female entrepreneurs who are frankly Bosses in their own right!
Up next: Inspirational entrepreneurs and black owned brands who are killing it!