Hey Queens,

I’m Lulu Pierre, founder and CEO of Boho Locs. Thank you so much for being a part of our Boho Tribe!


I founded Boho Locs in 2016 after a Brazillian blow dry ruined my natural hair. After just one bad treatment, my glorious afro was left limp and lacklustre. I was heartbroken. Whilst my hair recovered, I wanted to find a protective style with a natural aesthetic - something that made me feel confident and like the best, baddest version of myself. Locs had always been in my family (my mum and sister LOVE their natural locs), so it seemed like the most authentic solution for me. 

BUT I couldn’t find anything I loved on the market. Seriously, nothing. They were too shiny, too heavy, too springy, too straight or too uniform. I couldn’t find a single style that ticked all of my boxes.

Never wanting to settle for anything but the best, I took matters into my own hands, and started making crochet locs by myself - at home in my living room. I took the highest quality synthetic hair, and started designing locs by hand, creating my own twists, curls and color blends so that no two locs were the same. Girl, they looked HOT. Not gonna lie, I was feeling myself. I posted a pic online and immediately started getting requests for orders. I made more, and we sold out within hours. Every time I upped my game, the demand increased and we kept selling out. I knew I was onto something major, and 5 years on we now have our own team, manufacturers and over 80 Boho Locs styles.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I’ve always been passionate about hair. As a Black woman, a businesswoman and a mother to a beautiful little girl, I felt it was my calling to help other Black women protect and nurture their natural hair, whilst feeling like their best selves too. 

Whether it’s creating the highest quality locs so you can feel like a boss; building our Boho Tribe to celebrate and uplift each other; or creating content to help you on your personal journey to success, Boho Locs exists to empower Black women worldwide. I’ve made it my mission to share knowledge so that Black women all over the world can rise together. Get in formation and get information so we can run this, Queens!

As Black women, hair is important - it’s cultural, historical and political, but Boho Locs is so much more than that. This is a sisterhood. This is a business created for us, by us. This is a celebration of Black excellence and Black girl magic. Boho Locs is for you.

We are still at the beginning of this incredible journey, but I was born to hustle and I won’t stop until we’re the number one beauty brand in the world.

Shop our locs, feel bomb and upload your most banging selfies - love yourself fiercely. But remember, it’s not all about the hair. We are here to platform your stories, share the wisdom, celebrate your wins and create a beauty community that empowers everyone. This is Boho Locs. Welcome to the tribe.




Lulu x