15 Loc Updo Styles to Try with Your Next Protective Style

15 Loc Updo Styles to Try with Your Next Protective Style

15 Loc Updo Styles to Try with Your Next Protective Style

Are you tired of the same loc updo styles?

No matter how you style them, locs are a gorgeous hairstyle. There's so much versatility and creativity waiting to be unlocked with different loc updo styles. 

Whether you're looking for bold loc styles or you're looking for something a little simpler with twisted locs, there's tons of inspiration waiting for you. Check out these drop-dead gorgeous loc updo styles for all the inspiration you need for 2023!

1. Wrapped Side Ponytail

Having your luxuriously long faux locs in your face during the day can slow you down (and that’s a big no for us), which is why this wrapped side ponytail is an excellent style for those searching for practicality and beauty.

2. Diamond Studded Bun

Looking for ways to add a little shimmer to your locs? This diamond studded bun is a stunning way to flaunt your natural hair while keeping it up and out of the way. 

Sweep all of your faux locs up into a bun, and you can decorate each locs with rhinestones, pearls, and dangling beads. You can decorate your gorgeous locs with many different accessories, so this is a great updo that'll never get boring.

3. Top Knot with Glitzy Bangs

Want to show off your faux braids but need your hair off your neck for the night? You could style a top knot but draw attention to your bangs by attaching glittery bobby pins to the front of your bangs. Side-sweeping your bangs is a subtle but cute way to draw attention to your face!


4. Half-up Half-down with a Top Knot

If you're not looking to commit to having all of your loc styles up in a ponytail or bun, you could work with a half-up half-down style. This is a great option for anyone, especially those working with starter locs because it'll help take some of the weight of the twists off your shoulders and neck. You can still flaunt the beauty of your natural hair with this style too! 

All you need is a few rubber bands to attach half of your twists to the top of your head with a bun. The rest of your hair you can leave down! This is a great style option for someone who needs a look that works in both professional and casual settings!

5. Wrapped High Ponytail

High ponytails never go out of style. This is a great alternative if you're tired of wearing a top knot but still want to keep your locs out of the way. 

You can make this hairstyle pop for special occasions by wrapping the base part of the high ponytail with a gold tie. You could consider adding other colored ties to add a layer of intricate details to the completed look.


6. Braided Waterfall Bun

A braided waterfall bun is an awesome look because it’s completely customizable. You can braid your hair as loose or tight as you'd like it, depending on the style you're going for. What's so great about this option is that the waterfall braid is dramatic but works great for classic styles.

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7. Space Bun Knots

Space buns are coming with us into 2023. This a fun (and easy) style to wear out to your local festival or for those cheery spring days, even with loc hairstyles. All you'll need is a few hair ties for this quirky, youthful loc style!


8. Pinned Braids

Hate having your bangs in your face? You can create a faux side bang by pinning up a braided section of your bangs with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is super easy and great if you want to create a drastically new look without switching out your faux locs.

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9. Color Stream Top Bun

Top buns are easy to wear and easy to style, which is what makes them so convenient. You can remix a classic look by adding a pop of color to one of your locs and throwing it up in a top knot. Want to get even more fabulous? You could tie in a glittery ribbon into one of your hair strands and throw that into your bun!


10. Side Pigtails

Pigtails don't have to stay stuck in your childhood. For the perfect everyday updo, you can bring back the classic ponytail with your faux locs. 

Pigtails would look absolutely adorable on someone with split-dye hair color or anyone with a pop of color on the ends of their locs. There's so much potential to be found with pigtails, you just have to have fun with it!


11. Medium Side-Swept Dreads

Love a one-side look that focuses on the front section of your hair? This hairstyle sweeps your locs to one side to create a deconstructed mohawk look that’s not only super chic but will have you looking ready for any occasion without you needing to switch out styles.

12. Half-up Twisted Locs

Combining flat twists with your locs is the perfect fit for anyone who wants a versatile look. This unique updo provides intricate detailing for twists on top of your scalp but flows freely with your choice of locs.


13. Faux Mohawk

The Bailey sisters brought back faux mohawks, and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. A faux mohawk is somehow both edgy and sophisticated - one for those of you ready to take on the world.


14. Faux Hawk High Pineapple Bun

Buns don't have to be boring! The faux hawk high pineapple bun is great for women with dreadlock hairstyles and who want an easy but stylish way to get their hair up. Following the faux-hawk style, the high pineapple bun adds a level of feminity and softness to this super cute style. Plus, it's great to wear for long periods!

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15. Box Braids High Ponytail

Love the bounciness of Ariana Grande's high ponytails? You can still rock the same look with box braids! This is a great style for anyone who wants to show off the longer lengths of their hair without wearing it down. 

Gather your hair at the highest point of your head and put it in a hairband! The great thing about this loc style is it's perfect for the summer heat. Keep this style in the back of your head as one of your go-to updos.


Finding Your Next Loc Style

When you’re on the go, running your business, parenting and still finding time for the gym, you need faux locs that can keep up and stay up (out of your face, that is) with your lifestyle. 

With our collection of crochet faux locs, you can pick out a style that’s easy, convenient and beautiful, whether it’s flowing down your back or pinned up on your head.


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