7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Boho Locs

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Boho Locs

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Boho Locs

1. “Black Girl Magic”
Your hair is unique and versatile and when it is protected it thrives. As a protective style, Boho Locs are perfect! They are LIGHTWEIGHT so they don’t add any unnecessary pressure on your beautiful CROWN! You wanna keep your edges right?! SLAY AND PROTECT!!

2. YOU are Superwoman...
...SO a hairstyle that embraces your INNER GODDESS and doesn’t have you sitting in the chair for 8 hours is what you deserve!! You’ve got ish to do!! So how about a style that takes just 2-3 HOURS!!!! Imagine getting your hair done and finishing in time to get back to saving the world!

3. “Natural Beauty”
If you’re going to have faux locs you might as well have ones that actually look natural right?!! The Natural hair movement is growing, encouraging us to LOVE and BE PROUD of our natural textures, so when we want to wear a protective style, the closer to OUR hair texture the better! That’s another box ticked.

4. *Cardi B voice* Walkin' past the mirror, ooh Damn, I'm fine!
You’re gonna get tired of the compliments sis haha!

5. A kid in a candy store vibe!
You’ll be spoilt for choice!! There are lots of different styles colours and textures! Goddess Locs! Mermaid Locs! Long Locs! short Locs! From traditional colours to “stepping outside the box” colours! Add some highlights ADD MORE JEWELS!! Aaahh!!!!

We are ALWAYS developing that NEW NEW!! And WE LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU WANT TOOOO- Yep you get to have your say on what you’d like to see!!!

6. Sisterhood
You can feel a real sense of community! And be a part of our Boho Locs Gang Facebook group :) Exchange tips, share stories and show off your pics with fellow Boho Locs SLAYERS! We’re in this together ya’ll, and we encourage each other to live our best lives and to SLAY whilst doing it!

7. Who Runs the world?
Boho Locs is a Black female owned business! Boho Locs are handmade by us for YOU!


                                Annona and the Boho Locs Team xxx


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