Sistership with Leeza Joneé

'Ain't We Glorious': Sistership with Leeza Joneé

'Ain't We Glorious': Sistership with Leeza Joneé



Ain't no Tribe, like The Boho Tribe.

We're celebrating the hot new drop of The Boho Short Bob Collection with a poem that depicts our sistership cultivated through our hair and so much more.

We interviewed the talented poet behind our ode to Black women, Leeza Joneé, to reveal inspiration, the importance of belonging, and the power in our union.

- @leezajonee, captured by Rhianydd Hylton @rrhia.


What feelings do you hope to evoke through the Sistership poem? 

"I hope to evoke a feeling of belonging. That the people who hear and read this piece know the earth would have no meaning without them."


Where did you draw your inspiration from, and did you draw any from your lived experience?

"In the majority of my work, having myself found belonging and inspiration and identify within the words of writers before me, I can visualize a kinship. I’ve found great bonds throughout the works of Sonia Sanchez and Lucille Clifton, an elder and an ancestor but having once been my age, I draw from their tales where I can see myself. I’ve learned to connect those with my own lived experiences."


What did writing this poem reveal about sistership, and did it teach you anything new about its meaning?

"Writing this poem didn’t necessarily reveal anything to me about sistership, but truly served as reminder that sistership is not solely familial and that kinship, sistership, can and does transcend time and space."  


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Do you plan on added grey color for the wavy, mermaid hair?

Anika Curry

I loved my real locks when I had them. Because of a scalp condition, they started to break and fall out! My hair grows to a nice afro, then falls out again! No hair to braid. What yo do?

Alice Avinger

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