Be a HAIRlien Superstar! Time to Accessorize Your Locs

Be a HAIRlien Superstar! Time to Accessorize Your Locs

Be a HAIRlien Superstar! Time to Accessorize Your Locs

Time to level up your hair game! We're here to hook you up with some dope tips on how to accessorize your locs, twists, and braids and take your style to the next level.

When it comes to decorating your locs, the possibilities are endless. You can add a little spice and flair with a range of accessories that match your vibe or the season. We got shells, threads, and BLING to have your locs looking fly.  

But hold up! Before you start splurging on all the bling, remember that size matters. Make sure you consider the size of your locs when you're shopping for accessories. You don't want anything too tight or heavy that'll mess with your hair. We're all about keeping your locs healthy and stress-free. 

The best part is, every one of you can rock these accessories in your own unique way and can be used to style your and your kids' hair. Your hair is like a canvas for self-expression, a part of our rich culture and we love seeing the beautiful creativity y'all bring to the table.

We discussed how to adorn your locs in a previous blog post but we like to keep things fresh around here and want to keep you up to date on everything locs. 

So, without further ado, let's break down all the dope accessories we got in stock for you. Get ready to slay those loc styles like a true hair boss. 


These sets contain 3 eye-catching jewels in gold and green; (Green Set) and gold and white (White Set); tones that compliment all styles in our collection: 

1x Signature turtle jewel 

1x Whole cowrie shell jewel 

1x Beaded Hoop 

Take your locs to the next level with our beautiful Boho Elephant Jewelry Set, which comes in Red and check out our beautiful model Nicole rockin’ that Purple Elephant color. Your locs will have a unique flair thanks to the original Boho cufflink design and simple install. 

These sets contain: 

1x Beaded hoop 

1x Whole cowrie shell jewel 

1x Elephant jewel



And peep our fabulous Africa Bundle Jewel Set. This selection will make you feel refined and sophisticated.

This set contains 4 sensational pieces:  

2x Africa tube accessories 

1x Bejeweled cowrie shell 

1x Africa loc spiral hair accessory


We also just dropped our fierce NEW Nefertiti Jewel Set. Harness your inner beauty, strength, and turn heads with this exquisite jewel set and harness your inner Queen Nefertiti.

This set contains: 

3x Nefertiti jewel cuffs

Use our multi-colored Boho Rainbow Ties to be creative and personalize your locs! Easy to install and assemble and ideal for a diverse style.

This set contains: 

10x Strands in a mix of bright rainbow colors (includes 2 white strands).

Here, our CEO Lulu Pierre is wearing a chic style in the ties. Take inspiration from how she has styled her locs!

No matter which style you rock, it's time to unleash your creativity. We got a bunch of fun options to add that extra spice to your locs. And guess what? These accessories work with braided styles too. So, whether you wanna keep it low-key or go all-out, this is your chance to personalize your look and let your style shine. 

Check out our YouTube tutorials to see how easy it is to decorate your locs.

We got you covered for beach days, night outs, music festivals, and more. It's all about stepping up your loc game and SLAYING every occasion. 

Show us some love by droppin' a review and taggin' us in those lit social media pics @BohoLocs. We can’t wait to see the mad creative ideas you bring to the table. Watch this space ‘cause you might just get featured in our upcoming posts! 

And hey, don't forget to check out our entire collection. It's time to level up your locs and show off that unique style. 


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