Lulu on Black-Ownership, Brand Development, and Building An Empire

Lulu on Black-Ownership, Brand Development, and Building An Empire

Lulu on Black-Ownership, Brand Development, and Building An Empire

Founder, Lulu Pierre sat down with DamiLola from Build Her, a platform that nurtures and supports Black women to start their businesses and innovations through crowdfunding and reward-based contributions. 
Lulu shares with us the journey of owning a business as a Black woman, the driving forces behind the success, and how she made her dreams a reality.
Grab that note-pad, and get inspired…
'We need more businesses and services that cater to Black women to be owned by Black women. The women that wear our locs are apart of something bigger, they are apart of a movement'.
- Lulu
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I Lulu I am just starting out Afters all theses years I’ve finally got it for us by us. I’ve have stoped putting a perm in my hair I’ve stopped getting my nail done by the koreans either I do it myself or find a new look will be the locs thank you for sharing


Lulu’s message really blessed me and also brought me to tears. I am a black American woman so the things we as a people are dealing with in America as we speak is so tragic and disheartening. It’s such a blessing to see a black woman, stepping out on faith, finding her niche, living out her dream and trusting God all the way. All of our little girls and young women need to see this interview to know that they too can make a positive impact on this world and what they hear on the news everyday is not their end! I am so encouraged to do so much more! I am a gospel artist here in the U.S. but this interview has caused me to go back and ask what else the Lord would have for me to do! Lulu you are an inspiration to so many! Please keep doing what you are doing! You have my support forever.

nadja scott

I loved hearing Lulu speak with so much confidence about the structure of the business. Her knowledge is admirable and it’s clear she is a rockstar CEO.

She reinforces how the Boho Woman lives in the world. We are ambitious, smart and drop dead gorgeous. We build with confidence and we OWN our power.

Side note I restyled my Xtra Locs while watching the interview. Now I’m about to host a Zoom call with my team looking fabulous!!! : )

MIchelle COle

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