Boho Black British Trailblazers

Boho Black British Trailblazers

Boho Black British Trailblazers


In honor of Black History Month here in the UK, we are celebrating 6 Black British babes who have slayed our locs while making an impact. 

Challenging prejudice, igniting conversations, and unapologetically repping their culture is just some of the vital work they do to contribute to a more diverse society. 

We stan our loc-rocking trailblazers proudly taking up space in their industries...

1. Emma Dabiri

Writer, academic and broadcaster, powerhouse Emma has accolades for days. Renowned for shaking things up, Emma's award-winning book 'Don't Touch My Hair', intellectually irons out the historical significance, stigmas and politics attached to Black hair.

It's not surprising that she keeps it real in looks that advocate her roots, from traditional Yoruba styles to Boho Locs, this queen makes us feel seen. 

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2. Naomie Harris

Starring in James Bond, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Moonlight (to name a few), Naomie’s powerful performances have earned her Oscar and BAFTA nominations. Her integrity is just as applaudable - "I said from the very start when I had no money and no security whatsoever. I will always do roles that I am proud of and that do not denigrate me as a woman or as a Black woman."


No biggie, just Bronde Boho Goddess Locs are red-carpet approved.

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3. Mercedes Benson

An icon for shutting it down on the gram with her fire content, Mercedes is making waves on and offline. From volunteering in Kenya to founding SocialFIXT a hub for 'connecting Black Talent to jobs in the creative industry'.

Mercedes uses her influence to spark change, you can catch her partnering with big brands like Google to vocalise the need for Black leadership. When she's not uplifting our community, she's giving us all the vibes with her DJ sets. 


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4. Jourdan Dunn

The first Black British model to enter the Forbes rich list, Jourdan is no stranger to breaking down barriers.

She fearlessly expresses her experiences as a Black woman in an intensely competitive industry, from having to do her own hair and make-up on set, to feeling isolated for vocalising the flaws in fashion. "I want to see us get to a place where seeing a Black girl, anywhere, is not such a big deal."

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5. Afua Hirsh

Writer, broadcaster, and former barrister, Afua mixes passion with purpose. She works to educate society on the realities of British history, human rights, and how racial injustice shapes our lives.

Afua's book 'Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging', won awards for its call for change. Dismantling harmful narratives and sparking honest conversations is at the heart of all Afua's admirable work. 

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6. Trina Charles

One half of award-winning duo @cultureuk, Trina is defining beauty on her own terms. This Boho babe empowers Black women to embrace every part of ourselves from our kinks to our curves.  

Hosting body-confidence workshops to cultivating The Curve Catwalk, a safe space to 'jiggle your beauty' - Trina hustles with heart to advocate the importance of self-love. 



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I really embraced all the information, presentation of black beauty. We are all created uniquely, its important to accentuate our beauty and be confident and proud of who we are.
Thank you Boho British Black Trailblazers!!!

Pamela Baptiste

Thank you for sharing! Such accomplished and stunning women!

Carlesha Halkias

This was so informative, I love hearing about black women all over the world doing the most, and bringing recognition to black culture.

Jessie Powell

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