Boholocs Jewel Kit

Boholocs Jewel Kit

Boholocs Jewel Kit

Hey Boho Gang!

We're back with another blogpost for ya'll! This time all about our jewel kits!


Exciting right? lol 


OK, so if your new to Boho Locs, our jewel kits are small bags of jewelled accessories that come packaged with every pack of boholocs. You can use the jewels to customise your boholocs and add that extra va-va-va-voom to your locs.

With regards to quantity our jewel kits contain 30 jewels. Which is more than enough to fully accessorize your locs and take them to new heights. 


Below is a picture of what our jewels kits look like:

I have attached a video demonstrating just how creative you can get when customising your Boho Locs. 

Our founder Lulu shows you just how you can creatively customise your boholocs in a unique and cool way that works for you and your personal style !

So check out the video below to learn how to get customising your very own locs!

Happy watching!


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