Say HELLO to our purple mermaid locs! Welcome Purple Haze!

Big news gorgeous people!


So, you know those days where you just want to do something different with your look?

Like you wish you had a bit more colour in your life, something only the bold at heart would be willing to pull off?


Well…. Our new Purple Haze mermaid locs will be leaving people in a daze!

Interesting fact - did you know that the colour purple was invented in London…..anyhoo

Unique to the core, just like Boho locs eh! Prince would be so proud.



The Locs come in a set containing 100 locs and 40 our mermaid wavy strands for a massive 140 strands of hair (which is more than you need BTW) and of course with our accessories kit which includes over 25 beads, hair ties etc!]


Don’t say we don’t spoil you!


The purple in these locs is multi-tonal meaning there are different tones contained in it!


Some strands are straight purple while most are ombre purple which goes from a dark brown to purple.


The mermaid wave hair that comes in this kit is also ombre which, results in a deep and rich purple colour combination which we just love!!!



This style is extremely lightweight and sexy! You will be turning heads in this number NO ONE will forget you in these bad boys.



Anyway, Just look at the following celebs who are rocking purple in their crowns, looks so alluring cool!



Style your locs with a rich black blazer or through all caution to the wind and go for bold bright colours or keep it simple with a cool and edgy t-shirt.





These locs will be going on sale VERY SOON and they will be a LIMITED EDITION STYLE, so to celebrate we are hosting a giveaway where one lucky person can WIN a FREE set of these beautiful locs!!!!!


The giveaway is ON NOW!!!! Click below to enter NOW!!! 

Win s $177 set of deluxe handmade crochet locs from Boho Locs!!!