Boho Locs Referral Program: Slay Together, Save Together!

Boho Locs Referral Program: Slay Together, Save Together!

Boho Locs Referral Program: Slay Together, Save Together!

Sharing the Boho Magic: Your BFFs Deserve It Too!

You know that feeling when you find a hidden gem—a cozy cafe, a trendy boutique, or a fab haircare brand—and you can't wait to spill the tea with your closest friends? There's something special about experiencing life's little pleasures together. At Boho Locs, we believe in the power of friendship and sharing. 

In this blog, we're going to dive into the simplicity and benefits of our "GIVE $25, GET $25" referral program, and show you how it can bring joy to both you and your BFFs.


Earn $25 for You and Your Friends.

What's sweeter than rocking your fave Boho Locs styles? Rocking them with your crew and scoring epic rewards! Our "GIVE $25, GET $25" program is all about the good vibes. You and your girls are about to hit the town looking like a million bucks and more!


Here's the lowdown: hook your friends up with Boho Locs, and they'll get a cool $25 off their first order of $160 or more. It's the ultimate intro to our top-notch high-quality styles and the secret to slaying that hair game.


But hold up—there's more! As the ultimate referral queen, you'll pocket a sweet $25 in points for every successful referral. Consider it our way of saying, "Thanks for spreading the love, queen!" Use those points for future hauls, meaning more savings for you. You're not just putting your friends on to the hottest hair game; you're treating yourself, too.


From Referral to Rewards.

Diving into our referral program is easy. Here's the 411:


  1. Refer Your Friends: Hit up our website, hit "Refer a Friend," and grab your unique link.

  2. Share the Love: Send that link to your crew, fam, or share it on your socials.

  3. Friend Makes a Purchase: When your peeps use your link and drop $160 or more, they get an instant $25 off. Talk about starting on the right foot!

  4. Your Reward: Once your crew seals the deal, you're cashing in $25 in points. That's your ticket to future Boho Locs glam without breaking the bank.


Sharing the lewks that you love with your crew is what makes our "GIVE $25, GET $25" referral groove so dope. It's like a little shopping fiesta with your squad, where everyone's leaving with hot Boho Locs styles and extra cash in their pocket.


Why Keep It Hush-Hush?


Why keep the secret to flawless hair to yourself? Share that Boho Locs love with your ride-or-die crew and start reaping the rewards of "GIVE $25, GET $25." It's a dope way to make your shopping spree even more lit. Stock up on our locs, twists and braids, it's all about variety, honey! 


Ready to slay together? Hit up our Referral Program page and start spreading the Boho Locs joy with your crew. Remember, shopping is always better with a friend, and with Boho Locs, you and your squad can slay with fantastic hair and incredible savings. 


So, what are you waiting for? Refer a friend today.

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