Cheers to You, Boho Tribe! 2023 Highlights & 2024 Teasers!

Cheers to You, Boho Tribe! 2023 Highlights & 2024 Teasers!

Cheers to You, Boho Tribe! 2023 Highlights & 2024 Teasers!

Dear Boho Tribe,

Stepping into the New Year like... Hold up, did you catch the vibes from 2023? 🌟 Let's rewind and check out the insane journey we've been on together. Get ready for the tea on the past year and a sneak peek into the litness coming in 2024.


Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Boss Moves and Major Wins


As we celebrate our upcoming 8th anniversary, we're thrilled to look back on the past year—a year that was nothing short of spectacular for Boho Locs. We embarked on this journey with the launch of new products, exciting collaborations, and a commitment to diversity in Boho Locs styles.


Turning up for our upcoming 8th anniversary, we're throwing it back to a lit year at Boho Locs. We kicked it off with fresh drops, dope collabs, and a pledge to rep diverse styles that speak to all our queens.


2023 brought you stunners like our Queen Locs in Bey-Blonde to the bold and enchanting 18" Boho Majesty Passion Twists in Light, each style was crafted with precision and love. 


The introduction of new BOB STYLES like the 16" Boho Bob Queen Locs and the 14" Boho Bob Supreme Locs in the captivating BOLD & BLONDE shade LIT, created a buzz that echoed across the Boho Locs community.


We also turned up the heat with our 14” Boho Supreme Locs in Midnight and Bey-Blonde/Bronde, and brought back the much-loved Boho Silk Locs in Naturel, responding to the overwhelming demand from our devoted tribe. The Boho Goddess Braids also made their grand entrance, adding a touch of fun and flair to the collection.


The year 2023 saw the birth of the Boho Locs Creator Squad—an exclusive community that shares our passion for innovation. By joining the squad, members become pioneers in testing new products, crafting exceptional content, providing invaluable feedback, and unlocking exclusive perks. It's a testament to our commitment to creating a space where creativity thrives and voices are heard.


2024: It's About to Go Down


As we express our gratitude for the incredible year behind us, we also look forward to the adventures that await in 2024. The Boho Locs journey continues with a promise to introduce new colors, styles, and updates that will redefine the world of locs and the hair industry.


At Boho Locs, our motto, "THIS SH*T IS FOR US," speaks volumes about our dedication to building Black businesses and supporting Black female entrepreneurs. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality of hair and the best loc styles is non-negotiable, and we're grateful to have you rolling with us on this mission.


Thank You for an Incredible 2023!


Big love to all Boho Tribe members – you're the real MVPs. Thanks for riding with us, bringing the love and making 2023 unforgettable. Your support is the engine that powers us, and we're hyped to make more magic together in the next chapter.


Get ready for new drops, fresh styles, and updates taking Boho Locs to new heights. Keep those eyes locked – the best is yet to come!


With love and anticipation,

The Boho Locs Team


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