Edible Shades For Every Skintone!

Edible Shades For Every Skintone!

Edible Shades For Every Skintone!

Let's be honest, we all want a super slayed hairstyle that makes us look good enough to eat, and our Edible Shades Collection is just what you need to get right.
While the names are inspired by some of our favorite sweet treats, the shades were made with you in mind.
 After all, Boho Locs was made 'For Black Women, By Black Women' so it's no surprise that we'd offer a selection of blonde and brown shades that suit each and every skin tone on the melanin spectrum. 
 Not only does ourEdible Shades Collection come in various hues, ombres, and highlights, but they are also three different loc styles to choose from Mermaid, Goddess, and Beach.
 Here's all the need-to-know tea on the different shades and styles this delectable collection has to offer. 
Iced Latte
One of the many reasons we crave a delicious cold brew is because of the alluring look of the luscious swirls of light and medium browns coloring the cup—and the Iced Latte Boho Locs are beautifully reminiscent of that.
 Characterized by a complementary combination of sun-kissed blonde tones and ash-like muted browns, these locs bring out the natural blue and pink hues in cooler undertones.
Salted Caramel
What comes to mind when you think of salted caramel? For us, it gives off the feel of something familiar and sweet, but with an intriguing twist—and so our Salted Caramel Boho Locs come with the same vibe.
A five color mix of warm bronde, hot browns, ash brown, a subtle honey blonde, and deep brown, this blend is both cohesive and striking enough to turn any and every head. 
Choc Bronde
Remember our bronde locs? They're an ultra-lush mix of toasty brown and rich blondes that gives an otherwise plain brown some boldness and warmth.
The Choc Bronde Boho Locs are just a deeper version of this shade. However, this hybrid also comes with rich, chocolate lowlights that create some much-needed depth. This is the perfect look for those of you who only want to flirt with the idea of leaving your comfort zone.
Sometimes the trick to slaying a natural, gorgeous brown shade is staying in the happy-medium; Not too light and not too dark—and our Toffee Boho Locs are the girl for the job.
Not to mention that this shade works especially well with yellow and gold undertones because of the seamless ombre that transitions from a saturated bronde tone at the roots, into a lighter golden brown through the middle and all the way to the tips. 
Hot Fudge 
They say blondes have more fun, and our Hot Fudge Boho Locs are proof that black women are not excluded from that!
You can also have a good time in some of our lighter, melanin-friendly shades like Hot Fudge.
This ombre in particular starts with 4" of natural root that naturally blends into your hair before transitioning into a dirty, sun-kissed blonde that leans more into a mildly spiced brown than an ill-fitting bleached or platinum tone. 
Black is typically our go-to color when looking for a style that falls more on the natural and seamless side.
But truth be told, nothing looks better up against the skin of a black woman than a rich, decadent brown to compliment our diverse complexions.
Our Chocolate Boho Locs are perfect to achieve such a look. There are no highlights, lowlights, or ombres—it's a simple, deep brown that's both a traditional and versatile must-have for all skin tones.
When we say for us, by us—we mean it; Boho Locs Edible Shades collection is our contribution to making sure that black women of all shades have locs in brown and blonde tones that they feel beautiful and comfortable in.
From now until Friday (10/01/21) get 15% off your favorite Edible Shades style and come into fall looking your absolute best. 


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I think they are lovely, but I would like the color of a bluish silver tone color


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