Everything You Need To Know About Boho Butterfly Locs

Everything You Need To Know About Boho Butterfly Locs

Everything You Need To Know About Boho Butterfly Locs

By now, you've probably heard a little bit about our gorgeous Butterfly Locs Collection. We dropped them in the Summer and sold out within days!
The tribe went nuts! 
But just in case you need to know a little bit more about this highly anticipated style, we are about to share the 411.
Generally Butterfly locs are cute and creative locs that have been taking Instagram by storm for the last few years, and they're an absolute must-try if you're interested in doing something fresh and fun with your look this season. 
Different from traditional locs done with extensions, butterfly locs give a real bohemian feel. 
They're beautifully and deliberately distressed so that you don't have to worry about keeping everything super neat and tidy. 
Really, the whole point of butterfly locs is to tap into a vibe that makes you feel effortlessly beautiful, natural, and carefree. 
Boho Butterfly Locs in particular are as effortlessly beautiful as they come. They're designed to mimic thick, natural locs without any heavyweight or tension, making them both convenient and protective without any of the fuss. 
And did we mention they're also super versatile? Yup! Butterfly Boho Locs are available in two lengths, 12” and 20”, and four colors, Midnight, Bronde, Blonde/Bronde and Light. In fact, they're so versatile that even some of our favorite celebs and beauty influencers have started wearing them.
Ciara has been sportin' faux locs for a minute now. And while she typically goes for her signature ash blonde and honey brown looks, she took it up a notch and did jet black for her butterfly locs. Love the look? Go ahead and give it a try with our 12" Boho Butterfly Locs in the color Midnight.
You could even turn up the dramatics and go for a more fly and fierce look by ditching the 12" for a pack of the long, luxurious 20". Now that'll really keep the girls guessing!
Goldynaps in Butterfly Locs
Now of course our good sis Goldynaps was going to keep it on the light and bright side with a gorgeous set of butterfly locs in cool tone blonde. Do you notice the subtle yet sultry ombre she has going on? It's definitely giving what it needs to give, and is super similar to our Boho Butterfly Locs in Light. For this exact length, go with the fun and flirty 12". 
If you're looking for an instant makeover that'll take your look from drab to fab, consider walking on the wild side with our 20" Boho Butterfly Locs in Light instead of the 12".
Leigh-Anne Pinnock in Butterfly Locs
Leigh-Anne Pinnock also did some very beautiful, chocolate brown butterfly locs that set Instagram ablaze earlier this year. Her look in particular was traditional butterfly locs with a soft curl finish, and for the girls who want something similar with a little more of a kinky texture to it, our Butterfly Boho Locs in Bronde got you covered. 
Plus, they are far more dynamic in color because Bronde isn't just one solid shade of brown or blonde—it's actually a gorgeous mix of deep brown along with honey brown locs that create the illusion of soft and natural lowlights. 
As you can see, you can serve so many different looks with butterfly locs and Boho Locs will give you a head turning style with just one pack. Whether you're trying to look red-carpet ready, or just want a cute protective style to effortlessly transition from summer to fall, Boho Butterfly Locs should definitely be your next style. 
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I recently purchased the Bronde twists, and I have gotten so many compliments on the color and the twists style. I am forever a Boho Locs chick! I definitely will be buying more. Oh, and I love it that you have the 12" option to buy.

Diane Porter

Love these butterfly locs. Will be ordering next week. Thank you

Jeannette Bills

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