Butterfly Locs

By Boho Locs

Beautifully distressed Boho butterfly locs

Boho Butterfly Locs are beautifully distressed faux locs that deliver a sexy, bohemian and natural look all in one.

About The Collection

Our Boho Butterfly Locs are beautifully distressed with a bohemian feel for an effortless carefree vibe. Designed to mimic thick natural locs, light on the edges, low on the fuss, heavy on the protection.

The ombre colors have a subtle color graduation for a natural result that is simply stunning with the distressed look. Boho Butterfly Locs are available in two lengths, 12” and 20”, and four colors, Midnight, Bronde, Blonde/Bronde and Light.


Bob Boho Butterfly Locs are 12”. Long Boho Butterfly Locs are around 20”
One pack is all you need for a full-head install! Long Boho Butterfly Locs - 72 locs in 20” Bob Boho Butterfly Locs - 72 locs in 12" We make our packs with a finished look in mind, and include enough for touch-ups and replacements. Your pack will also come with a free Boho Locs accessory kit containing over 30 hair jewels and ties. (Crochet tool not included.)
Yes, our Butterfly Locs are pre-looped for a quick crochet hair installation!
Yes! If looked after well, the our Butterfly Locs crochet hair can be reused.
We create our Butterfly faux locs with longevity at the front of our minds. You can wear your locs for up to 12 weeks at a time!
Unless you’re mud wrestling on the daily (hey, we don’t judge - what you do in your own personal time is your business), it’s not necessary to wash Butterfly Locs, but if you do wash your hair then use cold water.
Once you order any of our locs, you’ll be sent a full after-care guide to your inbox with the lowdown on installation, maintenance, styling Butterfly Locs and removal. These are in a series of video tutorials making it easy to follow along. If you want to see how easy it is to install Butterfly Locs, you can see how it’s done here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNbLWlMNBwY
Our crochet Butterfly Locs are pre-looped distressed crochet braiding with a quick and easy crochet installation. A typical install of the synthetic hair will take on average 2 hours - around the time it takes to watch a movie.

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