Fearless Black Blonde Icons

Fearless Black Blonde Icons

Fearless Black Blonde Icons

 What do you think when you think of Blonde hair on you? 
Do you think “No that's not for me” or “hell yes when can I get an install?” If you are anything like me then you may be leaning towards the “no that's not for me camp” because I’ve always assumed that blonde works for other black ladies but not for me.
It wasn’t until I started Boho Locs that I actually even tried blonde hair! And drumroll please….. It suited me! 

I now love blonde hair and I want to share the love with you!

Don’t feel like being blonde isn’t for us like I did. Did you know there are black people who naturally have blonde hair!

Check out the pic below.


But back to you. Let me help ease you into the idea of blonde by highlighting some black icons we all know who have rocked blonde hair, because trust me. You can do it too!



I don’t think it's possible to talk about black celebs with blonde hair without talking about Mary J Blige as the two things almost seem to be synonymous. She was the first person to come to my mind when writing this. Mary owns blonde and seems to effortlessly switch between honey blonde and platinum blonde. Whatever shades she wears she wears it with confidence, often with a nude lip and smoky eyes, she really lets the hair be the star of the show and doesn’t typically pair a loud colored lipstick that could be distracting.


Take away from Mary. Be bold, be confident, keep lips nude and eyes smoky.



Of course you already knew that Beyoncé would be on this list. Blonde is her go to hair color, she’s done other colors of course but for me they didn’t come close to blonde on her. 

 So Bey has experimented with different shades of blonde in the past from caramel blonde, to platinum blonde but what I noticed about her hair is that it always has different tones and depth. She never has a flat color. She always has darker roots, even if it's only slightly darker.

 The multi-tonal blonde approach really works with black skin because the different notes in our hair compliment our skin tones. Our skin tones aren’t flat! 

 Take away from Beyoncé - create a more natural look by having darker roots or an ombre color.

We took inspiration from Beyoncé with our styles BEY-BLONDE - which is a blonde ombre color and BLONDE/BRONDE which is a multi-tonal blonde ombre mix which for us pays homage to Queen Bey.



I’m convinced that Tina Turner’s blonde hair is the inspiration for many black celebs we see today with blonde hair. Tina always wore hair, blonde, above the shoulders and multi-tonal for a look with lots of depth in color. Being a rock star Tina went for a bold look pairing her hair often with red lips for that extra wow factor.

What Tina shows us is that blonde hair works for women of any age, now in her 80's, she still rocks the blonde hair above the shoulders and it works beautifully.

Take away from Tina - Shorter locs may look better if you are over 60 but regardless be confident in rocking blonde hair at any age. Keep it multi-tonal.



If you are thinking of a blonde bob (something under shoulder length) we have got you! Check out our some of our bob blondes here.

So be confident and rock blonde hair is what we are saying! Whether you go platinum or more of a caramel blonde you can make it work for you!

To celebrate you and blonde hair this summer we are dropping our BLONDE BAD AND BOUJEE COLLECTION, which consists of 3 shades of blonde. 









We have firstly BEY-BLONDE which is our Beyoncé inspired ombre blonde color. We also have LIT which is a platinum triple tone ombre blond  that due to the darker roots works well with all skin tones. And finally we have a brand new color called TRI-BLONDE which is a mix of 3 blonde colors because we don’t believe blonde should be a flat color, and the highs and lows in the style work with all shades of melanin.


Our collection is dropping on the 24th June but to get early access and a chance to get FREE layers and FREE curly bangs, sign up here. 



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