Feel Seen, Hear It From Our Queens!

Feel Seen, Hear It From Our Queens!

Feel Seen, Hear It From Our Queens!

Whether you're striving for a stronger, longer, or thicker mane, healthy hair is the foundation for tackling the majority of our hair hang-ups. Yet the struggle is real: trying to keep up with complex hair-care routines, while also attempting to tick off the rest of our growing to-do lists is no mean feat.

Luckily, protecting your crowns effortlessly is what we do best, and our queens have put us to the test. We uncover the unique hair journeys of four members of our Boho Tribe and discuss goals, challenges, and the power of a style that respects the need to protect. 


“I have Alopecia. I was told I'd lose all of my hair starting from the crown to the center by the age 30. I'm 33 now. I took control of my hair health, did the research, went natural, found a good dermatologist, and documented my journey for three years. I still have my hair.


'Progress Feb 2020 almost strong enough for crochet.'
I recently discovered Boho Locs... and they are lightweight and low tension enough for me to wear without causing further damage to my Alopecia. My main goal is to wear all the beautiful styles that I can, while I can, and inspire other men and women who experience hair loss. 


'Getting treatment for Scarring Alopecia  — steroid shots'
I love wearing the locs because it allows me to still look cute while working from home, teaching my baby from home, and being cute for my hubby. Although I have a chronic health condition that few know about, I'm a firm believer that we start to feel how we look, so even when you feel sick, do small things that make you feel good - put a lippie on, style your hair if you have the energy."
'High buns are my fav!'

- April 


"I want to obtain the juiciest, healthiest curls that stand as reminders that societies' beauty standards should have never ignored natural Black hair.

Boho Locs not only keep my hair protected and moisturized, it helps me to embrace and experience the strength, culture and fierceness that the loc style represents. My favorite style would have to be the Naturel Queen Locs. Not only do they capture my Black Girl Magic, but it feels like I should be a queen in Black Panther whenever I wear them!" 


- Denise


"My natural hair goals are to thicken and maintain growth while continuing medicinal post-cancer care. I was diagnosed with stage 1.5 breast cancer in 2017, and I completed radiation therapy in 2018 with a five-year continuing care medication. I had been sporting Sista Locs for over ten years. My hair had really thinned down to strands from the cancer treatments suggested for me, so I cut them off and found Boho locs.

Boho Locs allowed my hair to rest, not be manipulated, and be deeply conditioned and protected. My hair has thickened and grown tremendously since I've been using them, and I look good while continuing my journey.
I'm going into my third year of the five-year treatment selected for me, and I will continue to wear Boho Locs throughout. I love feeling like the QUEEN that I am, and I always receive adoration from everyone every time I walk out the door."

- Jessie

"As a former human hair weave wearer, I was reluctant to try something different from what I was accustomed to without needing my stylist due to this pandemic. I really wanted something that I could do all on my own, and the Boho Loc colors really caught my eye. I love color, and I really like a custom color that matches well to my complexion.

I've enjoyed every style I've worn so far, I love the Goddess Locs as they are so versatile and can wear them up and down. Queen Locs are a favorite of mine as they are also versatile and lightweight. With Queen Locs, I love being able to wash them regularly, it feels good to refresh them so easily.
Now I can accomplish the finished styles all on my own. I'm not dependent on a stylist or another person. I've been empowered because Boho Locs has made it easier to take the care of my hair into my own hands. I can now enjoy beautiful styles while giving my hair the TLC it deserves!."

- Rachel

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By keeping my scalp conditioned, my hair is healthy and thinning areas are getting fuller again

Karen Lyons

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