Love is in the air, and whether you're booed up, booked and busy, or just riding the wave until February is over with. The ladies here at Boho HQ just wanted to pop in to check how you're coping and remind you of the most important holiday of this season, GALENTINE'S! 

Galetines Day

Now you might be wondering what this is. Well, it's known as the 'unofficial' middle finger to V-day and instead a day to appreciate the women in your life instead, and a reminder that we do indeed run the world.

Beyonce - who run the world

Galentine's is celebrated on February 13, and whether your girlfriends are single or not, get involved and show them some love, because sis, it's tough out here. 

So, we'll go first... if someone hasn't told you already today, you are the bomb and that melanin is seriously popping.

self love

Black History Month is also in full swing in the US, and as a black-owned female company we take so much pride in creating a safe space for all women of colour, because you may have noticed there are very few companies in particular in the hair game that authentically represent us. No shade, but we kinda wanna take back our sh*t.

representation is important

We know the struggles of being misunderstood and overlooked, but we just want to remind you that you got this, and you've BEEN doing the damn thing. 

So in the spirit of love and all that soppy stuff, you're our bae and cheers to being black and beautiful. 

black girl magic

If you take away anything from this post just know this... we do this FOR US. BY US. period.

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