Today, we're chatting with the one and only Lulu Pierre, the boss lady behind Boho Locs. She's giving us the lowdown on why she created the Queen and Supreme Lit Bob Locs and the story behind the brand.

So, Lulu, let me start by congratulating you on the tremendous success of Boho Locs. It's been seven years since the start of the brand, and before we delve into the exciting new lit shades, how do you feel about the company's growth and journey so far?

I'm really happy with where Boho Locs is now and where it's going in the future. I started this brand out of my own frustration, as I couldn't find a crochet loc that looked natural, was in colors I wanted, had a low shine and low luster, was lightweight, and was easy to buy. It had me hot, like, why can't I find this product in the market? I realized that many Asian-owned beauty supply stores didn't cater to the loc market in the right way. I have a strong connection to locs, as many of the women, including my mother, have them. I'm proud that we've been able to provide a product that meets a need in the market.


Let's dive into your recent design launch of the new lit locs, the Bob Queen and Bob Supreme. Can you tell me more about the launch and the unique features of these styles?

Yeah, these products just dropped here. It's always been my desire to create products specifically for Black women, owned and made by us. However, finding the right blonde shade has been a challenge. In the past, I was scared of blonde because the options available just weren't right. But, to get it right, we knew we needed to do a triple-tone blonde. One-tone and two-tone blonde just wasn't going to be enough. 


We wanted to do a triple-tone blonde to showcase our passion for color and to accommodate the different shades of our melanated skin tones. This way, all skin tones are equally represented, and no single shade of blonde is deemed the standard. The triple-tone allows for a color that works well with all skin tones.

When we launched the regular goddess length a few years ago, it was an instant hit, selling out within a weekend, faster than expected. The demand for bobs came soon after, and when we released the Supreme Locs, the lit shade became the best-seller of the collection. It only made sense to release both as a Bob.


Why a Bob length? 

The Bob length is a great option for those looking for a shorter hairstyle that sits just past the shoulders. If you want to incorporate color into your look, but don't want the extra length, the Bob is perfect for you. Our collection includes the Lit Supreme in 26 inches and the Lit Queen in 24 inches. We realized that some women prefer the Bob style, so we made sure to offer this option for those who want a stylish look without the extra length.


So, who are lit Bob styles for?

 The lit Bob styles are for anyone who wants to be bolder with color and wear a blonde that was designed for them. It was created to empower Black women to feel confident wearing blonde hair. 

Talk to us a bit about the products that you released.

 The first style is the Bob Queen Lit Locs, with a length of 16 inches. Each pack contains 72 locs, which are ample for a full-head install. The triple-tone design showcases a natural black, ash blonde, and platinum blonde color combination, inspired by the stunning actress Lisa Bonet. The locs are locked for 2/3 of their length, with the last third featuring loose, wavy hair. We have instructions on how to install Queen locs here, and they retail at $167. 


Then we have the Bob Supreme Lit Locs, with 120 locs per pack, each measuring 14 inches. The triple-tone color shade features a coffee brown, ash blonde, and platinum blonde tones, with a low luster finish. All 120 locs are fully loc'd down to the tips, and have a straight texture. If desired, they can be stretched for added length and are reusable. The diameter of these locs is approximately half a centimeter, double the size of the Queen Lit Locs. They are lightweight and easy to prep, install and maintain, and you can find instructions on how to do so in our aftercare guide here, and these locs retail at $137.


Thank you, Lulu, for sharing your journey in creating Boho Locs and giving us an inside look at the new Boho Bob collection (link). Be sure to take a closer look at this collection, as well as the rest of the amazing Boho Locs styles here


Thank you, it was a pleasure!

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