Get The Boho Distressed Look

Get The Boho Distressed Look

Get The Boho Distressed Look


One Kit, Two Styles


Get ready to achieve two hot protective styles with just one kit with our brand new Boho Distressed Edit.

We've just dropped nine game-changing Distressed Kits that include an iconic Boho original style and 4 or 5 bundles* of loose wrapping hair to transform into the distressed loc look when it's time to switch it up.



Follow along as Founder Lulu guides us through a self-install with an individual base, to achieve both looks using our Boho Queen Naturel Distressed Kit. 

Lulu comes through with the choice of different methods to create the textured distressed finish, and sis, the creative expression is giving us life! The complete look can be achieved in just 2-3 hours.  



  • For a more distressed finish use the pinch and pull method when wrapping. The full lowdown of this technique can be found in the tutorial video. We got you.


  • We recommend using between 60-70 locs with an individual base, although a full crochet install is fine too. Do whatever works for you, boo. 


  • For a longer lasting look, secure the wrapping hair with 2 knots at the end of each loc. 


Don't sleep on two low maintenance styles that will have you serving authentic locs realness. It's time to make them feel you.

 The demand is real. Shop the limited kits available in Goddess, Queen, Beach Locs and Majesty Twists - in Naturel and Hot Bronde.  

  Discover all 9 Boho Distressed Kits here. 



Shop Boho Wrapping Hair and distress a look of your choice. The self-expression is endless, sis. 


*(depending on the length of your style.)

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Your locs are so gorgeous. I am mixed race and have light skin and if you ever decide to make lighter hair (blondish / brown) queen locks; I want to be in the front of the line to purchase so I can try to rock this look ❤️

Angela Franklin

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