How The Boho Tribe is Staying Unapologetically Xtra Right Now.

How The Boho Tribe is Staying Unapologetically Xtra Right Now.

How The Boho Tribe is Staying Unapologetically Xtra Right Now.



Being unapologetically Xtra is getting us through right now. 'Doing the most', especially of the things we love in a time where 'doing' is 80% canceled, is giving us our own kind of freedom. 

We're exuding Xtra energy now more than ever - feeling ourselves and not caring about how others perceive it is our new love language. 




Showing up to our first Zoom call of the day in a full face and long AF locs because it feels good, is ENOUGH of a reason - no explanation required. 


Being/doing extra looks different to everyone. Yet at the heart of all ‘extraness’ is the expression of living without apology. A rebellious act against the assumptions of how we 'should' act, speak, and express ourselves. Being unapologetically Xtra is our way of defying those restrictions in a way that pleases us. 



We asked The Boho Tribe about the Xtra energy they’ve been exhibiting, and girl, we were not disappointed...

"I am extra queer, extra black and it shows through in my style, not that I could hide it anyway. With those locs any look will be complete! I'll be extra, extra, read all about it!" - @beautyquing


"I’m always extra when I put my Boho Locs in. I just can’t stop looking at myself saying gurl you sure look good! I mean who wouldn’t when they hair did." - @latashad123



"I’m hella extra about my melanated skincare. If I haven’t exfoliated, covered my skin in aloe, and finished off with Shea and Mango butter don’t talk to me, the queen isn’t ready." - @momobrwn


"On Sundays, I do a full pamper day!" - @madeleinebmodeling


"I stay Unapologetically Xtra while saving lives at work, as in RN." - @tishat3aze


"Someone once asked me how long it took to 'grow my locs' and I swung around dramatically in my chair, flipped my bronde locs over my shoulders, and said, "It just takes patience boo." - @amazonrozz


"I am hella extra with my dialog when conversing with family and friends. Yes, I used dialog cause I'll have you feeling like you reading a book or something." -@amberpearlc 


"I’m extra when it comes to me doing the very most for my son as a single mom! I take him to the library, church, drumming lessons, soccer, and do things that are fun because he’s deserving and I have one chance to raise him right!" - @prettyoctober


"I am HELLA XTRA in my selfie game. I take about 3,000, edit & filter them through no less than 5 apps, & generally do the absolute most." - @grace_sandra_




"I’m extra with my hunger for success this year. I have. To survive. & thrive. No more being broke." - @oracleinthewoods


 "Don’t know the last time I wore a bra!" - @saratjune


"I am hella extra at providing for my family, being the best mother and wife I can be, and never giving up when the world seems to be crashing around me." - @stephchilds12


 "I walk with a little extra twist so my locs can swing back and forth while I walk just so I can see them move with my shadow." - @jamsher16




"I swirl my extra locs in the grocery store aisle when I’m listening to my pods... Semi dancing because I have arthritis in one knee.. got caught once when I created the mess in aisle 3!" - @rheadpronouncedred


"I’m hella extra with everything I do. I just can’t help it, I’ve been this way since birth. It’s a shame my mother didn’t monetize my extra abilities 🤣 You better believe my Boho Locs make me EXTRA extra." -@jesseatingplants


(Oop, Xtra since birth.)


"I flip my extra locs in slo-mo... because they deserve the attention" - @t_hugg_4life



It's settled, we're nailing how to be Xtra! While playing it safe has its place, making up our own rules, living boldly, and celebrating ourselves as we deserve, is far more liberating. Sorry, not sorry. 

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(excessive hair flicks are a necessity after installation). 


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