How To Install Boho Majesty Twists

How To Install Boho Majesty Twists

How To Install Boho Majesty Twists

Bow down to our first ever non-loc style, Boho Majesty Twists! Crochet friendly like all our Boho styles, install this brand new look with ease in less than two and a half hours.

Not only are our twists pre-lopped for effortless crochet install, but they are also pre-twisted for a complete salon finish in half the time.

Watch how our hairstylist Danielle transforms our Boho babes from beginning to end, using our simple install methods.


Send off your hair with care.

Your hair is going to be tucked away for a while, make sure it's clean and moisturized beforehand. 


A good base is essential.

But you don't have to go running to a stylist. Just follow the rules of our professional to achieve a great base for your twist self-install. 



Attach the twists to your base by using a crochet needle.

Whether you opt for full crochet or with individuals at the front, we've got you covered. 


Full crochet method  


Crochet with individuals 


Our crochet style rotation just leveled up!  A full head of natural AF twists in no time.

Danielle completed this volumized look with just one pack which includes 120 Boho Majesty Twists. 



There's a reason why we sold out in 72 hours on the first drop, grab it while you still can!



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Oh my goodness. Looks great!

Key Wii

Yes the hair is fabulous, but ummm Danielle is so gorgeous!!! Like sis start a skin care line please. Both queens are just flawless * chef’s kiss*

Kendra Strong

Ohhh girl I can’t wait to order my twist so darn excited good for winter protective style I’m liking the individuals braids installment

Bonnie Moore

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